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Meeting Overview

Perspectives By:

Jeff Adee
Senior Vice President, B2B List Services

Kristie Amobi
Vice President, Marketing

Cleve Bellar
Vice President, Marketing

Ashish Bisaria
SVP, Customer Experience

Terrie Campbell
Vice President, Strategic Marketing

David Craig
SVP, Wholesale Bank Marketing Director
SunTrust Bank

Donya Edler
Vice President, Marketing & Communications

Alexandra Gobbi
Senior Vice President, Corporate Marketing and Communications

Peter Isaacson
Chief Marketing Officer

Michelle Kersch
SVP, Marketing & Corporate Communications
Black Knight Financial Services

Justin King
Chief Strategist, B2B E-Commerce

Holly Maddox
Vice President, Global Corporate Marketing

Rajeeb Mohapatra
Vice President, B2B eCommerce
Office Depot

Adam Needles
Chief Strategy Officer and Principal
Annuitas Group

Jack Ruane
Director, Southeast

Joe Staples
Chief Marketing Officer

Kathy Van Pelt
Vice President of Strategic Marketing

Bill Wynne
Vice President, Marketing, Con-Way Freight, Inc.
Faculty Professor, College of Marketing & Law at Eastern Michigan University

Heather Zynczak
Chief Marketing Officer


The good news: the economy is slowly picking up speed, and consumers’ spending habits are reflecting that. The bad news: consumers are still being very cautious with their dollars, and they are now hyper-connected with each other and the media, granting them unlimited information and opportunity to scrutinize. Consequently, today’s CMO faces a lot more pressure to demonstrate value to consumers in a much more competitive market. There is an intensified need to maintain the exceptional components of a strong brand identity while also constantly re-tailoring the brand to the changing wants and needs of the modern consumer. Similarly, while CMOs feel pressure to maintain strong traditional marketing channels, they are faced with the challenge of taking advantage of the multitude of opportunities within digital marketing and smoothly integrating these into their overall marketing strategy.

Argyle Executive Forum is bringing together leading CMOs and marketing leaders from a variety of industry verticals to discuss best-practices and innovative marketing strategies in a discussion-based format at our 2014 CMO Leadership Forum taking place in Atlanta. 

Argyle meetings are by invitation only. If you did not receive an invitation but would like to inquire about attendance, please click here.

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Date: Thursday, October 30, 2014

Time: 7:55am – 5:15pm

Location: Atlanta, GA
Twitter Hashtag: #ArgyleCMOB2BATL
*Event location will be disclosed to attendees upon completion of the registration process.

Advance registration is required for all member meetings. Registration is not available onsite.

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