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As the digital era continues to transform modern consumer expectations, HR executives are grappling with modern employee expectations how to enhance the employee-employer relationship. Join Argyle Executive Forum to explore these topics further at our 2017 Human Capital Forum: Employee Experience in the Digital Era in San Francisco. Throughout a full day of thought leadership content and networking, we will focus on the most pressing issues that human capital executives are facing in 2017, with an agenda geared specifically towards CHROs, Chief People Officers, Chief Talent Officers, Chief Learning Officers and Chief Diversity Officers, as well as VPs and Directors of HR, talent, learning & development, change management, and HR analytics in a leadership role. Key topics that we will discuss include:

  • Designing the employee experience to foster efficiency, engagement, and empowerment
  • Exploring how digitalization will continue to impact corporate structure, employee vs. employer expectations, and organizational culture
  • Mapping the employee and workplace journey
  • Leveraging technology and data to manage the candidate and on-boarding process
  • Social media and mobile recruitment strategies to identify top talent
  • The role of employee engagement surveys and performance management within the modern organization
  • Fostering employee communication and innovation in the workplace

Our keynote presentations, fireside chats, panel sessions, and networking breaks will enable candid discussions with your peers focused on these topics and more. Speakers at our 2016 San Francisco Forum included Richard Taylor, SVP & Director of Human Resources at Intel Corporation; Paul Pastrone, VP, Global Talent Management at Lenovo; Tami Cabaniss, VP People at PayPal; Terese Kemble, SVP Human Resources at LAM Research Corporation; Tracy Layney, SVP & CHRO at Shutterfly; and more.

We look forward to bringing together another fantastic faculty in 2017, and to hosting you alongside our community of Fortune 500 HR leaders hailing from Northern California and beyond!

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This event will feature insights from top executives, including:

If you'd like to recommend a speaker, please email Diana Caldera at dcaldera@argyleforum.com.

Ramona Agrela Chief Human Resources Executive
University Of California, Irvine
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Carol Lee Andersen President, North America
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Aimie Aronica Global Head of Employee Engagement
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Chris Boyce CEO
Virgin Pulse
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Luciana Duarte Vice President, Global Head of Employee Communications, Engagement, and Culture
Hewlett Packard
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Mindy Geisser Chief Human Resources Officer
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Alex Goryachev Senior Director of Innovation Strategy and Programs
Cisco Systems
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Andee Harris Chief Engagement Officer
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Eric Ingram SVP Human Resources
Blue Diamond Growers
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Carl Luckenbill Chief Learning Officer
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
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Paul Pastrone Vice President, Global Talent Management
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Sudarshana Rangachary Vice President, Human Resources and Communications
The Gap
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Trisha Stiles Senior Vice President, Human Resources
CBS Interactive
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  • 8:00am – 9:00am BREAKFAST
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    Kick off the day with a healthy breakfast and networking. Connect with your peers in the HR community from a variety of industries before the morning’s content begins. 

  • 9:00am – 10:00am OPENING KEYNOTE featuring CISCO SYSTEMS
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    In today’s digital era of accelerated change, every employee needs to think and act like an agile entrepreneur in a startup. That’s a daunting challenge for any large organization with established job roles and functions. At Cisco, a “coalition of co-conspirators” that includes a leading role from HR has mounted a grassroots movement to ignite a more entrepreneurial environment across all functions, grade levels and geographies.

    Cisco’s recent Innovate Everywhere Challenge urged all of its approximately 72,000 employees in more than 120 countries to tap into their passions, team up, disrupt and innovate game-changing solutions together. Driven by Alex Goryachev, senior director of Innovation Strategy and Programs, nearly 50 percent of the workforce engaged, submitting more than 2,000 ideas from 1,100 teams. Collaboration with HR was key to the success of the challenge and a follow up My Innovation program. In this session, you will learn:

    • How to ignite an innovation disruption across the entire workforce to help transform cultures into startup-like environments
    • The importance of HR’s involvement in leading or taking a major role in a cross-functional, grassroots approach to change
    • How to get full participation and commitment from the CEO and executive leadership team to help drive transformation

    Alex Goryachev
    Senior Director of Innovation Strategy and Programs
    Cisco Systems

  • 10:00am – 11:00am MORNING NETWORKING BREAKS
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    Take a break to make new connections and discuss the morning presentations over coffee and snacks. 

  • 11:00am – 12:00pm “Employee Empowerment: A Modern Approach to Performance & Engagement”
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    HR faces the unique challenge of not only defining what effective performance management and employee engagement actually mean, but also putting strategies and processes in place to achieve them. Today’s panel will discuss the performance and engagement strategies that work (and those that do not), ways to establish a strong company culture, how to accommodate today’s disperse and diverse workforce, and the HR technologies that enable new approaches.

    • How do you define employee engagement?
    • What challenges are HR executives seeing with regards to employee engagement in the workplace?
    • How has the social/mobile era impacted corporate structure, employee vs. employer expectations, and the overall employee experience?
    • What is the role of Performance Management relative to employee engagement?
    • What Performance & Engagement strategies are in place today, what’s working? What’s not?
    • How are you leveraging technology to create a stronger organizational culture and improve performance?
    • Has HR shifted their focus on empowering employees to take charge of their performance and development in your organization?    
    • Looking ahead, how can HR develop and keep a highly engaged workforce that drives consistent productivity?
    • How are your HR teams leveraging analytics today, what measurements are important to your organization?

  • 12:00pm – 1:00pm “The Evolution of HR in the Digital Era”
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    • Technology trends and its impact in organization growth and productivity
    • Building a digital-first HR strategy
    • Integrating social media, mobile, analytics, and cloud in talent management and acquisition
    • Leveraging technology to enhance employee collaboration and teamwork
    • Real-time engagement evaluation

  • 1:00pm – 2:00pm LUNCH
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    Take a midday break to grab lunch, network with your peers, and discuss the morning presentations.

  • 2:00pm – 3:00pm AFTERNOON KEYNOTE: “Integrating Digital Learning in a Multi-Generational Environment”
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    Join Carl Luckenbill, Chief Learning Officer at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission as he shares how he integrated Digital Learning at his organization. This session will cover:

    • Introducing a Digital Platform – While working for the Research and Development division for the company he was previously with, Carl had introduced an eLearning platform as a way to provide on-demand learning in the areas of Project Management, Desktop Software, Information Technology and Management/Leadership. The system also contained electronic versions of many books representing these same areas. And nobody used it, at first.
    • Second Experience – As the Chief Learning Officer at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, Carl was looking for a way that our employees would be able to learn on their own. Carl was also looking for a way to integrate eLearning as a part of a blended curriculum to reduce the amount of classroom time required to learn a subject. Carl reached out to a couple of different companies who offered eLearning and selected the same company that he had used at my previous employer, but this time with a government discount. And nobody used it, at first.
    • Searching for a Solution – In both cases Carl had run into the same problem: we did not have a bunch of Digital Natives working for us. In fact, most employees had been around for a long time and eLearning was not something they were used to. Most of their employees had never taken an online course in their whole careers.

    In both cases they have had to reach across the Digital Divide that separated the digital immigrants and the digital natives to introduce this learning methodology to both, and so far, there have been mixed results. Carl will be speaking to this process of communication and relationship building during this keynote presentation.

    Carl Luckenbill
    Chief Learning Officer
    San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

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    Take a break to switch tables, meet some new peers, and discuss the afternoon presentations over coffee and snacks. 

  • 3:30pm – 4:00pm AFTERNOON KEYNOTE: “How PayPal is Re-Imaging the Employee Experience”
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    How do you create the pull rather the push? How do you create magical moments for your employees that feel authentic and are enduring. How do you think about HR initiatives as people products?  All of these questions will be answered when we reimagine the employee experience.
    Aimie Aronica
    Global Head of Employee Engagement

  • 4:00pm – 5:00pm CLOSING RECEPTION
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    Wrap up the day with a cocktail (or a few!) and hors d'Oeuvres. Head home with new connections and a notebook full of key takeaways to implement back at the office.

Explore the most critical challenge areas and hot topics for HR leaders such as:

Revolutionizing HR

Examine how your organization is using technology to better align HR with the business to drive results, and how these adjustments are impacting the bottom line. Our speakers will discuss:

  • Using workforce and predictive analytics to make decisions
  • Leveraging mobile and social tools to manage recruiting efforts
  • Modernizing the function through adoption of new skillsets
  • Sharing the impact of human resources with the executive team

Empowering the workforce

Review the obstacles of building a unique organizational culture through employee engagement, and the importance of finding solutions to develop workforce efficiency. Get briefed on:

  • Pinpointing employee needs and wants through effective communication
  • Measuring the success of training initiatives and learning opportunities
  • Providing engaging learning and development options for staff
  • Deploying tools to nurture leaders and grow engagement from within

Recruiting top talent

Reflect on major issues that are intrinsic to identifying top talent and maintaining a high level of engagement, and discuss how the candidate profiles differ across generations. Gain insight into:

  • Approaching and engaging the digitally savvy candidate
  • Using innovative tools to attract and empower
  • Prospecting smart with a strategic, targeted workforce plan
  • Maintaining selectivity while humanizing the application process

The role of HR

The HR discipline continues to evolve in scope and practice. Discuss the ways human capital executives are change agents, reviewing the challenges of creating a results driven vision and culture. Hear about:

  • Aligning the organization with a new 'people' strategy
  • Creating a high performance culture that supports business goals
  • Leveraging mechanisms and tools to motivate and engage employees
  • Making a difference through a larger role on the executive team

Still have questions? We have answers.

I want to attend, but what if I'm unsure of my schedule and need to cancel my participation?

Just let us know. We understand that schedules change! However, we always have a waiting list for this event, and if you don't cancel, we will assume you are still attending and your spot will go unused. If you must, cancel at least 48 hours prior to the event to make room for others!

What if I can't be OOO for a whole day, or need to come late?

We have wifi and private rooms available for attendees to take calls and spend some quiet time on emails, as well as access to printing. Have a morning meeting you can't miss? No problem. This event was designed for busy executives - we get it.

I'd like to bring some colleagues. Do I need to register them online?

Events are more fun with friends, and we'd be happy to host your team. You can have them register online, or send us their names, titles and email addresses and we will take care of it for you! request a pass.

I don't see the event venue listed. Where will the meeting be held?

To maintain exclusivity, we don't release the venue address until the registration process has been completed. All logistical details will be shared once you have requested a pass and been approved.

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