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2013 Chief Marketing Officer/Customer Care Partnership Think Tank: Ed Van Siclen, Senior Vice President, Business Development & Global Alliances, Lithium

Ed Van Siclen, Senior Vice President of Business Development & Global Alliances at Lithium, shared his thoughts on why organizations should understand the importance of delivering a great customer experience during his presentation at the 2013 Chief Marketing Officer/Customer Care Partnership Think Tank in Seattle on Oct. 16. In his presentation, Van Siclen explained that organizations must utilize all of the tools at their disposal to connect with consumers.

To engage customers, Van Siclen said, organizations should leverage Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Van Siclen noted that the customer experience continues to evolve, and as a result, organizations must focus on the individual to effectively promote their brands: “The customer experience is now very individual…In some ways, how you support me is going to be the difference between how you convert me as a customer and how you keep me as a customer.”

According to Van Siclen, many consumers use social media for better service and better support. If organizations can provide consumers with exactly what they are looking for through social networks, Van Siclen said, customers can enjoy positive experiences with various organizations for years to come. Van Siclen added that listening and responding to customers online is vital for organizations of all sizes. Because organizations can connect with consumers in a variety of ways, Van Siclen stated, an organization that effectively leverages digital tools can engage its customers: “What we’ve discovered now is that when people are helping each other they often ask, ‘Hey, what should I use?’ or ‘What should I buy?’…People are engaging differently and we really need to listen and be sensitive and respond to the business that way.”

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