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2014 Chief Information Officer Leadership Forum: Charaka Kithulegoda, Chief Information Officer, Tangerine

Charaka Kithulegoda, Chief Information Officer at Tangerine, described the importance of innovation and technology in the banking sector during his presentation at the 2014 Chief Information Officer Leadership Forum in Toronto on Sept. 16. During the presentation, Kithulegoda noted complexity can be a major challenge for many banks, but simple solutions often provide dependable support for these organizations and their customers.

Kithulegoda pointed out Tangerine has challenged many notions of traditional banking to date. Because his bank pushes innovation and technology, Kithulegoda said it has been able to provide reliable support to its customers: “At Tangerine, we think of client service a bit differently. We don’t allow ourselves to become complacent and pat ourselves in the back for keeping the bank running. This is not enough for us. We keep pushing on innovations.”

In addition, Tangerine is always looking to implement “the next big idea,” Kithulegoda said. Simplicity is key for Tangerine and its customers, Kithulegoda said, and a simple approach has helped his organization become more transparent and build long-lasting partnerships with its customers as well: “We are not necessarily tech driven and do not aim to on the leading edge but instead we are focused on finding ways to make things easier and more transparent for our clients. In other words, it’s about making the magic happen.” Kithulegoda’s company, meanwhile, will continue to search for ways to deliver one experience across all digital devices, regardless of the device, he said.

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