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2014 Chief Information Officer Leadership Forum: Ross Piper, Vice President, Enterprise Strategy, Dropbox

Ross Piper, Vice President of Enterprise Strategy at Dropbox, discussed collaboration and other market trends that are affecting chief information officers worldwide during his presentation at the 2014 Chief Information Officer Leadership Forum in San Francisco on Oct. 28. In his presentation, Piper noted “self-governance” tools are becoming increasingly important in today’s organizations, particularly in organizations that are searching for state-of-the-art ways to control their IT security.

According to Piper, “universal” systems that enable organizations to streamline their IT operations are vital in today’s global marketplace. In addition, simple IT security controls can help organizations avoid major problems, Piper said. However, organizations need to recognize the link between adoption and control to effectively manage their IT operations: “The intersection between adoption and control is really important because the more people you get to adopt a tool, the more control you get, and that is actually more important than having that extra layer of tightness.”

A truly secure system offers visibility into an organization and its operations, Piper noted. If an organization can leverage the value of a “sharing network” like Dropbox, Piper said, it can foster collaboration between multiple departments and boost its productivity: “That ability to really collaborate, regardless of location [and] regardless of company, but know that you still maintain control and visibility of your data is incredibly empowering, both to individuals, but also we’re seeing often to the teams and leaders who drive that.”

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