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2014 Chief Information Officer Leadership Forum: Spotlight on Financial Services: Alain Benzaken, Chief Technology Officer, Americas, Decisyon

Alain Benzaken, Chief Technology Officer of Americas at Decisyon, discussed how organizations can get a return on investment (ROI) from their social media efforts during his presentation at the 2014 Chief Information Officer Leadership Forum: Spotlight on Financial Services in New York on Sept. 9. In his presentation, Benzaken pointed out social media is transformative for today’s businesses, but only if they understand its short- and long-term impact.

According to Benzaken, social media already has had far-flung effects on how companies run their customer service and marketing. Benzaken noted that while marketing typically was first to use social media, customer service departments quickly became involved in responding to customers posts. “Companies set up separate departments to handle these issues because social was very different in terms of how you respond to the customer, because if you respond publicly everybody else can see it. And if you’ve outsourced your phone and e-mail to some offshore company call center, you probably don’t want them answering a social post.”

However Benzaken noted that in order to accelerate Social ROI, it is critical to learn from the initial social team and then build internal collaboration between all departments. “It’s really important to have a fully collaborative platform within the company to be able to respond well, and that includes all departments: marketing, customer service, and product.”  Building a better connection with customers is vital, Benzaken said, and a company that ignores its social media presence risks losing customers to rivals: “Companies that do this well are the ones customers will come back to, because they are listening to their customers… I will tell you by the way that if you want to get the best customer service, post on Facebook or post on Twitter. I don’t know if any of you have had that experience, but it’s often a hundred times better than phone and e-mail.”

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