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2014 Chief Marketing Officer Leadership Forum: Chris Berg, Vice President, Workforce Operations, Building Services & Energy Management, The Home Depot

Chris Berg, Vice President of Workforce Operations and Building Services & Energy Management at The Home Depot, discussed the challenges of building a successful brand during his presentation at the 2014 Chief Marketing Officer Leadership Forum in Dallas on Dec. 9. In his presentation, Berg noted that an organization that takes care of its employees can improve its chances of developing a successful brand.

According to Berg, frontline employees are key for organizations, as these workers often interact with customers every day. If an organization is committed to developing a successful brand, Berg said, it will devote the necessary time and resources to both its employees and customers. In addition, Berg pointed out that every employee must become a steward of his or her brand for an organization to build a successful brand: “We are stewards of our brands; we’re stewards of our companies, we’re stewards of the associates who come to work every day and work for our companies. The people who are most important are the ones on the frontline … [But] the majority of the weight of the pyramid falls on me.”

Becoming an industry leader can be difficult, Berg said, but an organization that constantly strives to improve can find ways to succeed. Also, Berg noted that an “interconnected” approach to branding can help an organization better connect with its employees and customers: “We are the product authority in the marketplace and we’re doing it in a fiscally responsibility way, but we’re also doing it in a way that is obvious to the consumer, that we have an interconnected approach to our brand.”

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