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2014 CMO Leadership Think Tank: Reengineering Digital Marketing to Drive Revenue: Edwin Lee, Vice President, Account Strategy, MediaMath

Edwin Lee, Vice President of Account Strategy at MediaMath, discussed how marketers can connect with customers in today’s increasingly mobile world during his presentation at the 2014 CMO Leadership Think Tank: Reengineering Digital Marketing to Drive Revenue in San Francisco on Sept. 11. In his presentation, Lee noted that “siloed data is sad data,” and leveraging data across multiple departments is key for organizations of all sizes.

According to Lee, data can give an organization a 360-degree view of all of its customers. In addition, Lee pointed out a company can leverage data to bolster its customer satisfaction levels: “Activate [data] in media; with attribution, you can understand where to make further investments, what to do with that. Also, create the best customer experience across all of those touch points. Whether it’s in-ad or on their app, or in their email. Connect it all.”

Technology can make it easier for businesses to bolster their customer interactions, Lee said. While businesses have access to data from multiple sources, Lee said, these companies need to understand how to use it. If a business devotes the necessary time and resources to learn about technology that can help them improve their customer interactions, Lee noted, it could boost its customer satisfaction levels significantly: “There are a lot of companies that are doing it out there. You guys are probably doing it too, but lavage this technology. It’s there to help you.”

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