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2014 CMO/Customer Care Partnership Think Tank: Denise Jack, Director, Marketing, Lithium

Denise Jack, Director of Marketing at Lithium, discussed the convergence of customer service and marketing during her presentation at the 2014 CMO/Customer Care Partnership Think Tank in Los Angeles on Oct. 9. In her presentation, Jack pointed out the new digital customer is impacted by both customer service and marketing, and both departments need to work together to ensure every customer gets the support that he or she deserves.

According to Jack, more customers are sharing details about their experiences with businesses via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Delivering a good digital experience is key, Jack said, especially for businesses that want to build brand loyalty for years to come: “It is a true imperative that the C-level suite cares about and they understand that having a good digital experience will help drive long-term loyalty [and] will help drive a lot of top-line growth.”

There is no longer a traditional customer journey, Jack said. Instead, businesses need to find ways to promote their offerings through social networks and ensure they can connect with customers through these platforms as well, according to Jack. In addition, a company that is committed to leveraging social media, Jack noted, can “filter out all the noise” to deliver outstanding support to customers worldwide: ” What we do is we allow you guys to be able to filter out all the noise. There are lots of things that get said about your brand. You may not be able to act or react to all of it, but there are actually ones where they need help.”

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