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2014 Leadership in Digital Marketing Forum: Barb Brandon, Director, CRM Technologies, Chico’s FAS

Barb Brandon, Director of CRM Technologies at Chico’s FAS, discussed what it takes for a company to deliver a full branding experience during her presentation at the 2014 Leadership in Digital Marketing Forum in New York on Sept. 23. In her presentation, Brandon pointed out delivering a consistent customer experience across various platforms is key for businesses, especially in today’s corporate world.

According to Brandon, customers have more options than ever before thanks to the variety of platforms that they can use to interact with companies across the globe. In addition, Brandon noted she believes brands win or lose based on customer experience, and a company that always tries to deliver the best customer experience possible through myriad mediums can thrive: “There’s no start and end to the experience. We believe that [it’s] very experiential in that from a branding perspective as well as moving through the enterprise, we want it to be a consistent experience.”

Brandon also pointed out expectations are rising for businesses worldwide. Delivering an integrated customer experience across multiple platforms is vital for businesses to exceed customer expectations and gain a competitive advantage over their rivals, Brandon said: “We’re very demanding; we’re very discerning and … I think in a retail brand, we are incredibly discerning and what we do, where we shop, what we buy [and] how we’re presenting ourselves. So in terms of the enablers, this integrated experience that I’ve talked about across the platforms, that is incredibly critical to us, and it is not an easy thing to achieve.”

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