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2014 Leadership in Digital Marketing Forum: Jill Dyche, Vice President, SAS Best Practices, SAS

Jill Dyche, Vice President of SAS Best Practices at SAS, discussed how companies can bridge the gap between IT and marketing during her presentation at the 2014 Leadership in Digital Marketing Forum in New York on Sept. 23. In her presentation, Dyche pointed out IT and marketing professionals can work together to help a business extend its global reach.

According to Dyche, IT and marketing departments often are adversaries, but collaboration is key for both of these groups to succeed. If IT and marketing professionals work together, Dyche said, they can collaboratively develop a digital roadmap: “You want to go digital, you want a digital roadmap. You, you want to make analytics strategic in your digital future. What’s your ability to execute if we do that? And often times they, they realize that they don’t have the right technology, the right resources, the right skillset, the right external relationships in order to [run] those things effectively.”

In addition, Dyche said companies can leverage “strategy mapping” to bridge the gap between vision and execution. Dyche also noted a company can develop multiple strategy maps to help its employees plan accordingly and effectively leverage digital technologies for years to come: “As you develop these strategy maps, the roles and skills become very clear and you can then filter those back up to the organizations that should own the work. What we’re finding with digital is what we find with CRM, is what we find with analytics, [is] that maturity comes through delivery.”

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