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2015 Chief Information Officer Leadership Forum: David Stafford, Dropbox for Business, Dropbox

Dropbox for Business spokesperson David Stafford discussed data leakage and steps organizations can take to eliminate this problem during his presentation at the 2015 Chief Information Officer Leadership Forum in Los Angeles on Feb. 10. In his presentation, Stafford said data leakage has evolved into a new issue for organizations – data ingestion.

According to Stafford, data management solutions should promote collaboration between different departments within an organization. Also, Stafford noted that these solutions can help an organization bridge silos. If an organization leverages data management solutions that its employees can easily understand and manage, Stafford said, these workers can become more productive: “Balancing that collaboration versus control pendulum that we all seek to strike that right balance, and doing this literally across the spectrum [can make] sure that users are being more productive [and] that they can share and have the right level of security.”

However, Stafford pointed out that usability is important with data management solutions. While security is also important, Stafford said, employees need to be able to easily leverage these solutions to complete tasks without putting their organizations at risk. In addition, Stafford noted that organizations need to find a balance between security and usability when it comes to data management solutions: “Make sure that the usability doesn’t get taken away because we’re trying to apply a one-size-fits-all risk mitigation strategy in order to make sure that those white board photos are protected. All of these different partners and vendors are tying into this type of platform so that we have the integrations that can make this available to every organization and every single use case.”

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