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2015 Chief Information Officer Leadership Forum: Doug Bordonaro Sr., Director of Sales, ThoughtSpot

Doug Bordonaro Sr., Director of Sales at ThoughtSpot, discussed big data, business intelligence (BI) and their impact on today’s organizations during his presentation at the 2015 Chief Information Officer Leadership Forum in Los Angeles on Feb. 10. In his presentation, Bordonaro pointed out that plenty of information is readily available, but organizations must understand how to access and leverage this data to succeed.

According to Bordonaro, information must be organized in a way that makes it easily accessible for organizations. In addition, Bordonaro noted that organizations can “layer” information into databases and other systems to stay organized: “All this information is provided as part of a stack. We make it a database, an ETL tool, a BI server, an enterprise search, all these different pieces and then we glue them together in what we think is a very unique way but has been solved over and over again, just to build something for somebody’s who’s not ever going to see that complexity.”

Bordonaro also noted that looking at data from a consumer’s perspective can help an organization find better ways to organize and leverage this information. If an organization can collect and manage its data, Bordonaro said, it can optimize this information’s value as well: “Even though some of these problems of large amounts of data and access to it and getting value are in the process of being solved and the enterprise space there’s been a lot of progress in adjacent industries. If we can learn the consumer space, I think we can do something really different.”

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