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2015 Chief Information Officer Leadership Forum: Jim Brady, Area Chief Information Officer, Kaiser Permanente

Jim Brady, Area Chief Information Officer at Kaiser Permanente, discussed some of the IT security challenges of healthcare professionals during his presentation at the 2015 Chief Information Officer Leadership Forum in Los Angeles on Feb. 10. In his presentation, Brady noted that access to sensitive information, and controlling this access, is a major concern for today’s healthcare professionals.

According to Brady, healthcare is a highly regulated industry, and it’s important to understand all of the rules and regulations related to data storage and management. Technologies are available to healthcare professionals, Brady said, and can help these professionals protect sensitive information: “We’ve got to be able to bring the cost down; we’ve got to be able to provide access. As we get more and more people coming into the healthcare system, how are we going to do that? We can’t do that with process improvement, but thankfully as technology executives, the technology innovation is going to be really awesome.”

In addition, Brady pointed out that new technologies can make it easier for healthcare professionals to protect sensitive information and deliver better support to their patients. Data security should remain a top priority for healthcare professionals as well, Brady said, and those who develop and deploy systems to keep patient information secure can avoid myriad problems: “We value the privacy and security of all our patient information, the PII and the PHI so we have a lot of robust processes in place. And so I think the entire industry’s going to have to catch up to that.”

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