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2015 Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Leadership Forum: Curtis Elswick, Vice President, Information Technology Architecture, Echostar Communications Corporate

Curtis Elswick, Vice President of Information Technology Architecture at Echostar Communications Corporate, discussed today’s IT security issues and how organizations can resolve these problems during his presentation at the 2015 Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Leadership Forum in San Francisco on May 19. In his presentation, Elswick noted that IT security professionals must be proactive; otherwise, these professionals could put their respective organizations at risk.

According to Elswick, the number of IT security issues continues to increase. In addition, these problems are becoming more complex, Elswick said, which makes it difficult for IT security professionals to protect their organizations’ sensitive information. However, Elswick pointed out that IT security professionals must realize that they are important contributors to their organizations and help their organizations find the best ways to minimize security issues: “Anybody in our organization that refers to it as the business gets reminded, you’re part of the business. That includes security. You’re part of the business. It isn’t ‘the business’ and you, you’re part of the business.”

Also, Elswick noted that lack of compliance and internal training further escalate IT security problems. If organizations study their IT security and leverage data and analytics, Elswick said, they can minimize security threats: “You’ve got to look at the data; you’ve got to pull it together. We all know that. We have to give those people the tools to do the analytics. We have to give those people. I’m not saying don’t buy anything, just know you’re not buying an answer.”

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