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2015 Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Leadership Forum: Rajat Sen, CISO, Republic Services

Rajat Sen, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Republic Services, discussed what it means to take a “data center approach” to IT security during his presentation at the 2015 CISO Leadership Forum in San Francisco on May 19. In his presentation, Sen noted that IT security is a moving target, and organizations that understand their data can find the best ways to protect it.

According to Sen, IT security professionals must engage with different departments. Sen said that IT security professionals who are actively involved in their respective organizations can better understand security issues, and ultimately, take the right steps to eliminate such problems. In addition, Sen pointed out that communication bridges the gap between IT security professionals and various departments within an organization: “At the end of the day, [security] is not just an IT risk; it’s a risk to the organization. It’s a risk to our business or our ability to deliver the business.”

IT security is becoming increasingly important for organizations of all sizes, Sen said. As a result, organizations that recruit and retain talented IT security professionals can thrive for years to come, Sen noted: “In many instances, while it definitely helps you to network, you’re also exposed to different skillsets and talents in these meetings and that gives you an opportunity to engage them. The most important thing I’d say, engage your network because what I find myself doing now is reaching out to individuals that I’ve worked with or that I’ve heard about and I engage them individually to find out what they’re interested in and how can I get them to come work for me?”

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