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2015 Chief Marketing Officer Leadership Forum: Spring Event: Timothy Bay, Vice President, Digital Marketing, Wilton Brands

Timothy Bay, Vice President of Digital Marketing at Wilton Brands, explained how marketers can leverage social media effectively during his presentation at the 2015 Chief Marketing Officer Leadership Forum: Spring Event in Chicago on March 3. In his presentation, Bay noted that video is becoming increasingly important for marketers to engage consumers.

According to Bay, YouTube is an important marketing channel because it enables marketers to use videos to bolster their customer engagement levels. Bay also noted that sharing updates requires more than just simple messages. Instead, he recommended using videos to provide new content to consumers regularly: “If you find our content, we’re thinking about how do we engage you and how do we convert you to being a subscriber, because all of a sudden now we have an opportunity to talk to you on an ongoing basis in terms of, as we deliver new content.”

In addition, Bay pointed out that Facebook enables consumers to like a company’s page and follow a business. He noted that Facebook is valuable because it enables businesses to engage consumers and expand their communities as well: “We want to grow our community; obviously as marketers, the more people in our community, the better chance that we have to directly convert them to our most wanted action. We know that by growing the activity and by growing the community, we will increase sales of our products.”

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