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The good news: the economy is slowly picking up speed, and consumers’ spending habits are reflecting that. The bad news: consumers are still being very cautious with their dollars, and they are now hyper-connected with each other and the media, granting them unlimited information and opportunity to scrutinize. Consequently, today’s CMO faces a lot more pressure to demonstrate value to consumers in a much more competitive market. There is an intensified need to maintain the exceptional components of a strong brand identity while also constantly re-tailoring the brand to the changing wants and needs of the modern consumer. Similarly, while CMOs feel pressure to maintain strong traditional marketing channels, they are faced with the challenge of taking advantage of the multitude of opportunities within digital marketing and smoothly integrating these into their overall marketing strategy.

Argyle Executive Forum is bringing together leading CMOs and marketing leaders from a variety of industry verticals to discuss best-practices and innovative marketing strategies in a discussion-based format at our 2014 CMO Leadership Forum taking place in New York City.

This event will feature insights from top executives, including:

If you'd like to recommend a speaker, please email Lauren Meyer at lmeyer@argyleforum.com.

Brett Bair Senior Director, Client Advocacy
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Mark Battaglia Chief Executive Officer
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Reggie Bradford SVP Product Development, Social Platform
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Randy Brandoff Founder
Eleven James
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Tim Braz VP North American Platform Sales
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Nancy Casey Global Vice President, Customer-Centric Merchandising & Marketing
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Olivia Derr Client Partner, Enterprise Accounts
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Scott Eagle Chief Marketing Officer
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Debbie Hauss Editor-in-Chief
Retail TouchPoints
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Paul James SVP, Global Luxury Brand Management
Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide
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Robert Jones Senior Manager of Research
Rocket Fuel
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Susan Kellogg President of Contemporary Brands
V.F. Corporation
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Nadya Kohl Global Vice President, Strategy and Business Development
Experian Marketing Services
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Hank LeMieux Head of Sales, New Products
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Nagisa Manabe Chief Marketing and Sales Officer
United States Postal Service
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Scott McAllister Senior Vice President of Marketing & Digital Experience
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Jen Millard Chief Revenue Officer
Truaxis/A MasterCard Company
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Courtney Pierce Sr. Marketing Director
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Marshall Porter Senior Vice President & GM, International & Business Development
Gilt Groupe
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Paul Price CEO
Creative Realities (CRI)
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Michele Rast Senior Vice President, Marketing
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Doug Rose Senior Vice President, Programming & Marketing
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Marisa Thalberg Vice President, Corporate Digital Marketing
The Estée Lauder Companies
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Angela Tribelli Chief Marketing Officer
HarperCollins Publishers
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Phil Wahba Retail / Consumer Correspondent
Reuters News
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Jenny Zeszut CEO, CMO, co-founder
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  • 7:40am – 8:40am Breakfast
  • 8:40am – 8:45am Argyle Executive Forum Opening Remarks
  • 8:45am – 8:50am Introducing Scott McAllister & Debbie Hauss
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    Brett BairSenior Director, Client AdvocacyMonetate 

  • 8:50am – 9:20am Fireside Chat featuring:
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    Scott McAllisterSenior Vice President of Marketing & Digital ExperienceTourneau Interviewed By:Debbie HaussEditor-in-ChiefRetail TouchPoints 

  • 9:25am – 9:45am Thought Leadership Spotlight Presented by Experian Marketing Services
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    "The Marketing Sophistication CurveSM: The journey to cross-channel optimization"

    As our marketing sophistication evolves, brands strive to move from simply executing in each individual channel to optimizing each customer’s experience across all channels.  By utilizing a proven path to help you advance your marketing program to the next level, achieving cross-channel optimization can be a reality for any brand, regardless of its current state of sophistication.  In this session, Nadya Kohl, Experian Marketing Services’ Global VP of Strategy and Business Development, will demonstrate how to accurately assess your current marketing program and take the most effective steps to continually move your organization's cross-channel marketing efforts forward.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Assess where your own brand lies along the Marketing Sophistication Curve
    • Learn about the journey brands must take in order to achieve cross-channel optimization
    • Understand the 5 key levers to help you move up the Marketing Sophistication Curve
    Nadya KohlGlobal VP of Strategy and Business DevelopmentExperian Marketing Services

  • 9:45am – 10:05am Coffee Break
  • 10:05am – 10:25am Thought Leadership Spotlight Presented by ThinkVine
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    "How to Use Technology to Be a Forward-looking, Agile Marketer"

    While automation and data have enabled marketers to execute more quickly, most brands still use technology only for tactical decisions like optimizing a digital campaign or purchasing an online ad. This focus on execution is required to stay competitive and it provides a way for working teams to quantify their contributions. But, it doesn’t really move the dial in ways that the C-suite notices, especially when the competition is getting better at more or less the same rate. This session will discuss:

    • What is driving the need for data-driven agile marketing 
    • Why a holistic approach to analysis, planning and forecasting drives the best results
    • How an agile marketing solution improves strategic planning, annual budgeting, mid-course corrections and ad hoc decision-making
    Mark BattagliaChief Executive OfficerThinkVine

  • 10:30am – 10:35am Introducing "Leadership Speaks: Leveraging Social Media to Drive Results"
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    Jenny ZeszutChief Executive OfficerBeckon 

  • 10:35am – 11:25am Panel Discussion
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    "Leadership Speaks: Leveraging Social Media to Drive Results"

    • Understanding the multifaceted functionality of social media
    • Using social media to tell a story and emotionally connect with customers
    • Building brand loyalty through personal connections
    • Bridging the disconnect between what marketers think consumers want and what consumers expect
    • Unique offers, tailored customer experiences, social experiences
    • Fully integrating social media into a company’s marketing strategies
    Moderator:Paul James SVP, Global Luxury Brand Management Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Panelists:Reggie BradfordSVP Product Development, Social PlatformOracleOlivia DerrClient Partner, Enterprise AccountsBazaarvoice Susan KelloggPresident of Contemporary Brands CoalitionV.F. CorporationMarisa ThalbergVice President, Corporate Digital MarketingThe Estée Lauder Companies*Please note, this session is off the record.

  • 11:30am – 11:50am Thought Leadership Spotlight Presented by Rocket Fuel
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    "Five Things You Should Know About Building Creatives for Retail"

    Rocket Fuel analysts looked at a sample of more than 7,000 creatives from nearly 400 campaigns to determine how specific factors such as color, call to action, product placement, and people affect performance. In this presentation, we'll be discussing some of the findings and how they can be applied to improve campaign performance.

    Robert JonesSenior Manager of ResearchRocket Fuel 

  • 11:50am – 12:05pm Coffee Break
  • 12:05pm – 12:55pm Panel Discussion
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    "Customer Engagement in a Hyper-Connected World"Understanding the evolution of the consumer and the new brand dialogue in today’s hyper-connected world 

    • How has today’s sophisticated customer managed to gain ownership of the relationship?
    • Understanding audience fragmentation and the multitude of channels being utilized by customers throughout their decision process
    • How are brands adjusting to this new dynamic customer-centric dynamic? How are marketers aligning and integrating their efforts across multiple channels to drive engagement?
    • How to leverage new tools and technologies to synergize marketing efforts across multiple channels and delivered a unified customer experience
    • Using these tools to sift through and learn from meaningful customer data and tailoring marketing efforts accordingly
    • Exploring various measurement tools and developments that allow marketers to integrate the traditional with the new, the offline with the online, etc.
    Moderator:Angela TribelliChief Marketing OfficerHarperCollins PublishersPanelists:Tim BrazVP North American Platform SalesMediaMathCourtney PierceSenior Director, MarketingBrightcoveDoug RoseSenior Vice President, Programming & MarketingQVCPat RoyakSVP International and Donna Karen IntimatesMaidenform Brands 

  • 1:00pm – 1:20pm Thought Leadership Spotlight Presented by Conversant
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    "5 Myths Digital Marketers Need to Stop Believing Today! How marketers can drive strong growth THIS YEAR by abandoning digital marketing misconceptions."

    Digital is the fastest changing marketing arena that the world has ever known. Its capabilities and “rules of engagement” are constantly changing and expanding – what was true yesterday may no longer be true today. For the senior marketer with many competing projects and priorities, it can be challenging to keep up. But misconceptions about what is achievable or advisable are increasingly common – and can lead marketers to make bad decisions that can limit business growth.

    This session is designed to debunk five of the most troublesome digital myths and help you drive stronger growth in the next 12 months:

    • Myth 1: Personalized marketing is a powerful idea, but not possible yet. 
    • Myth 2: It’s difficult to demonstrate digital’s impact on brick & mortar sales.
    • Myth 3: Digital is great at closing a sale, but not at creating demand.
    • Myth 4: Vendor dating is better than vendor marriage.
    • Myth 5: Simplistic models like last click attribution get us “close enough” to the answers we need.
    Scott EagleChief Marketing OfficerConversant 

  • 1:20pm – 2:20pm Lunch
  • 2:20pm – 2:40pm Thought Leadership Spotlight Presented by Creative Realities (CRI)
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    "The Store of the Future and What Technologies Will Enable It"Paul PriceCEOCreative Realities (CRI) 

  • 2:45pm – 3:35pm Panel Discussion
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    "Building Customer Loyalty by Delighting the Customer"Navigating the staggering amount of data available in today’s digital world

    • Understanding how to sift through it and select the most important data to focus on
    • Translating this data into actionable insights to better understand the customer
    • Discuss challenges faced and success stories
    • Leveraging insights to predict the customer’s wants and needs
    • Creating and building out a customer experience that surprises and delights customers
    • The value of localized marketing:  Connecting to consumers and building loyalty through a more tailored approach.
    • Straddling global brand consistency and local relevance.
    • Balancing the demand for personalized experiences while also respecting the modern customer’s privacy
    • How are brands managing this challenge?
    Moderator:Phil WahbaRetail / Consumer CorrespondentReuters News  Panelists:Hank LeMieuxHead of Sales, New ProductsBloomReach Nagisa ManabeChief Marketing and Sales OfficerUnited States Postal ServiceJen MillardChief Revenue OfficerTruaxis - A MasterCard CompanyMichele RastSVP MarketingAerosoles 

  • 3:35pm – 3:50pm Coffee Break
  • 3:50pm – 3:55pm Introducing Marshall Porter & Randy Brandoff
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    Nancy CaseyGlobal Vice President, Customer-Centric Merchandising & MarketingSAP

  • 3:55pm – 4:30pm Fireside Chat featuring:
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    Marshall PorterSVP, International & Business DevelopmentGilt GroupeInterviewed By:Randy BrandoffFounderEleven James 

  • 4:30pm – 4:35pm Argyle Executive Forum Closing Remarks
  • 4:35pm – 5:35pm Closing Reception
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    *Please note, the agenda is subject to change.

What will be discussed? Explore marketing hot topics and challenge areas such as:

Omnichannel strategy

Evaluate where you are on the omnichannel maturity curve, reflect on how your team is driving accountability around the omnichannel customer experience, and find out what you could be doing better. Our speakers will discuss:

  • Methodologies for measuring ROI
  • Targeting with customer data
  • Managing cross functional collaboration
  • Comparing single and multichannel interactions

Mobile Marketing

Confront the shift to the mobile consumer head on, by learning how the Fortune 500 has adapted their marketing efforts for mobile devices. Discuss mobile's evolution and make predictions for the future. Get briefed on:

  • Optimizing content for mobile
  • Managing the mobile channel as a marketer
  • Building a unified view of users across channels
  • Measuring the ROI of mobile

Buyer 2.0: the B2B customer

Who is the B2B customer of today, as opposed to 5-10 years ago? Learn how successful organizations have implemented new channels and capabilities to reach this specific type of consumer. Gain insight into:

  • Catering outreach to the customer
  • Empowering your sales team
  • Establishing brand credibility
  • Becoming a thought leader

Customer engagement

Explore how we understand our customers in today's hyper-connected world, and develop a brand dialogue to effectively communicate with them. Hear discussions on:

  • Understanding audience fragmentation
  • Connecting emotionally with customers
  • Communicating across multiple touch points
  • Integrating new media with traditional strategy

The digital CMO

The digital sphere has changed the role of the CMO, in scope and practice. Talk about how this affects all areas of the executive agenda, from budgeting to hiring. Learn how top CMOs are:

  • Being catalysts for change
  • Adopting new measurement tools
  • Defining new roles to add value
  • Leading by example

Content marketing

Exceed your customer's expectations for a tailored experience with effective content marketing. Find out how other marketing leaders are:

  • Driving engagement through personalization
  • Measuring content efforts
  • Exploring new communication channels
  • Understanding customer preferences

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  • "Argyle offers a terrific opportunity to learn about marketing challenges and strategies across industries."

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  • "As a member of the CMO community, I have been impressed by the caliber of the organization and the network. "

    A VP of Marketing at Compass Group USA on attending Argyle CMO events and making connections.

  • "Their forums bring together engaging speakers and fascinating content. "

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