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As the digital age has fundamentally changed how the customer functions on a day to day basis, it has also revolutionized the field of marketing. The same fundamental questions continue to dominate marketing: Who is my customer? How can I understand them better? How can we build their trust and loyalty and grow our business? But in today’s technologically advanced world, the answers to these questions are rapidly evolving every day. Given the explosion of data and the plethora of new technologies available to harness it, marketing leaders must determine what tools they can use to efficiently and effectively understand their customers better. Simultaneously, marketers are being pressed to demonstrate the value of their products/services across multiple channels in order to convince today’s economically constrained customer, while also building a relationship between the customer and the brand that is personal and valuable.

Argyle Executive Forum is bringing together leading marketing executives from a variety of industry verticals to discuss best-practices and innovative marketing strategies in a discussion-based format at our 2014 Leadership in Digital Marketing Forum. The forum will focus on several areas, including (but not limited to): the digital marketplace, the explosion of big data, the importance of analytical capabilities, social media, exceptional branding, etc.

This event will feature insights from top executives, including:

If you'd like to recommend a speaker, please email Lauren Meyer at lmeyer@argyleforum.com.

Jason Bartlett Vice President, Digital Marketing & eCommerce
Pitney Bowes
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Jeffrey Boorjian Vice President, Marketing
Caesars Entertainment
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Barb Brandon Director, CRM Technologies
Chico's FAS
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David Brussin Founder and Executive Chairman
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Bryan Burdick COO and Co-Founder
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Victoria Burwell SVP, Chief Marketing Officer
McGraw-Hill Education
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Casey Carey Head of Marketing, Adometry
View Bio »
Arnold Cohen Chief Marketing Officer
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Jill Cress Senior Vice President, Global Consumer Marketing
MasterCard Worldwide
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Scott Davis Vice President, Marketing Strategy & Innovation
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Robin Domeniconi Chief Marketing Officer
Rue La La
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Leslie Doty CMO
Reader's Digest Association
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Jill Dyché Vice President, SAS Best Practices
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Matthew Eby Vice President, Digital Marketing
The Weather Channel
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Andrew Feigenson Managing Director, Digital
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Ken Godfrey Head of Digital
Philips North America
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Brian Groves Chief Marketing Officer, US Consumer Healthcare
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Peter Harrison Global Head of Marketing Insights
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Colson Hillier Vice President
Precision Market Insights by Verizon
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Amy Inlow Vice President of Marketing
Experian Marketing Services
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Nileem Jani Director of Customer Insights & Consumer Products
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Anthony Jones CMO & VP, Patient Care & Monitoring Solutions
Philips Healthcare
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Adam Khan Vice President, Social Media Strategy and Analytics
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Gopi Koteeswaran CEO
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Danny Kourianos Senior Vice President, Product Development
Rakuten Marketing
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John Leeman Former Chief Marketing Officer
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Sasha Lucas Senior Vice President, Digital Engagement, Global Consumer Marketing
View Bio »
Richard Manso AVP, Lancôme.com
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Scott McAllister Senior Vice President, Digital Marketing & Revenue
Time Inc.
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Maryssa Miller Head of Digital Commerce
JetBlue Airways Corporation
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Lydia Morris Vice President, Consumer Marketing for Time, Entertainment Weekly, Fortune & Money
Time Inc.
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Anne O'Brien Senior Vice President, Marketing
Interactive Data Corporation
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Elisa Padilla Chief Marketing Officer
Brooklyn Nets | Barclays Center
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Michele Rast Senior Vice President, Marketing
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Carly Rosenberg Chief Marketing Officer
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Andrea Saporito Vice President, Customer Engagement Marketing
American Express
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Dmitri Sedov Global Head of Digital Marketing
Standard & Poor's
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Amit Shah Vice President, Online, Mobile and Social
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Sean Shoffstall Vice President, Global Marketing & Consulting Services
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Joe Stanhope Senior Vice President of Marketing
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Don Steele Senior Vice President, Fan Engagement & Multiplatform Marketing
Comedy Central
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Patrick Sullivan SVP, Head of Inegrated Analytics
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Keith Wilcox Associate Professor of Marketing
Columbia Business School
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Ed Wild Senior Director of Analytics
Pepsi North America Beverages
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Mark Zagorski CEO
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Neal Zamore Vice President, Consumer Marketing
Avis Budget Group
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Heather Zynczak Chief Marketing Officer
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  • 7:30am – 8:20am Breakfast
  • 8:20am – 8:25am Argyle Executive Forum Opening Remarks
  • 8:25am – 8:55am “The Chico’s Digital Retail Theatre : Customer Driven Interactive Experiences that Drive Transactions at Every Touch-point”
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    The convergence of dramatic behavioral shifts enabled by a simultaneous explosion in technology across every facet of daily life has created a staggering challenge for retailers.  Understanding and leveraging these shifts led to the creation of the Chico’s Digital Retail Theatre™.  The Chico’s Digital Retail Theatre™ is a ground breaking fusion of inclusive new technology, information, and the path of that information from discovery and initiation to a completed transaction.  Eric and Barb will outline the entire premise on which the digital retail theatre is based, from behavioral constructs to the complete range of technology that enables the “dawn to dusk” model.  Core technical elements that will also bes touched upon include: DISCO scalable platform architecture, Mobile application families, Intelligent digital signage, Big Query™ integration, Augmented Reality and the Living Catalog, after hours interactive shopping, interactive tech tables, iBeacon integration, and more.  Metrics will be discussed and ROI for key elements of the Digital Retail Theatre will be shared.Barb BrandonDirector, CRM TechnologiesChico's FAS

  • 9:00am – 9:20am Thought Leadership Spotlight presented by SAS
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    “Digital at C-Level”So you’re “going digital.” You and what army? Because at the end of the day, a company’s digital strategy transcends the marketing organization. You’ll need expertise around delivery technologies, channel integration, data deployment, privacy policies, and analytics, among other specialties. In this presentation, SAS executive and noted speaker and author Jill Dyché will share what a digital strategy looks like, and who should be involved in both creating and deploying it. She’ll discuss the real-life challenges companies have had as they go digital, and offer examples of the role that find the Chief Marketing Officer collaborating with the Chief Information Officer, Chief Data Officer, and Chief Digital Officer in the new era of total digitization.What You Will Learn:

    • Why a digital strategy is a business strategy (and vice versa)
    • Why IT matters in the new world of digital
    • The right time for a Chief Digital Officer (hint: maybe you’re it!)
    Jill DychéVice President, SAS Best PracticesSAS

  • 9:20am – 9:45am Coffee Break
  • 9:50am – 10:40am Breakout Panels
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    Panel 1“Achieving Marketing Nirvana: Delighting customers with intelligent interactions, every time”

    We all strive to be authentic, personal and relevant when interacting with consumers.  Delivering intelligent interactions, every time – in any channel and any device - requires organizations to have the proper tools and structures in place that enable the customer to exist at the center of all marketing activity.  In this panel we will explore how leading brands are working to achieve this “marketing nirvana” and enlighten marketers on steps they can take to get there.  Topics this panel will explore include:

    • What does marketing nirvana look like?
    • Do you think we have the tools as marketers to achieve this?
    • Do you think you have the right processes in place to achieve this?
    • What about your organizational structure?
    • How sophisticated and effective is your team at putting the customer at the center of your efforts?  
    • How effective are your programs at achieving this?
    • What will it take for marketers to achieve such a state of peace and harmony?
    Moderator:Amy InlowVice President of MarketingExperian Marketing ServicesPanelists:Michele RastSenior Vice President, MarketingAerosolesAndrea SaporitoVice President, Customer Engagement MarketingAmerican ExpressDon SteeleSenior Vice President, Fan Engagement & Multiplatform MarketingComedy CentralNeal ZamoreVice President, Consumer MarketingAvis Budget GroupPanel 2“Leadership Speaks: Mobile Marketing”

    Session topics include, but are not limited to:

    Discussing the shift to mobile
    • Has your organization addressed the shift in consumer behavior away from traditional devices towards mobile devices?
    • How far along is your organization in measuring your mobile marketing efforts?
    • What challenges have you encountered in measuring cross device engagement?
    • Have you encountered challenges in maintaining the same caliber of creative throughout your mobile campaigns?
    • How is your team going about building a unified view of your customer across screens and devices?
    Moderator:Colson HillierVice PresidentPrecision Market Insights by VerizonPanelists:Scott DavisVice President, Consumer Marketing, NickelodeonViacomSasha LucasSVP, Consumer Digital Usage ManagerCitigroupAmit ShahVice President, Online, Mobile & Social1-800-Flowers.comPanel 3“Catering to the Multi Touch-point Customer”Session topics include, but are not limited to:How are marketers creating experiences that influence consumers and drive revenue?
    • What challenges are you encountering? 
    • Leveraging data to better understand every interaction with each customer at every touchpoint
    • Using engagement data within different channels to better reach customers and drive results
    • Best practices in creating complementary touch points and how to track and integrate these across channels
    • Understanding the modern consumer’s privacy concerns
    • How are the best brands building a transparent, trustworthy image?
    • How are marketers helping customers understand that tracking their interactions will help brands improve their experience?
    Moderator:Danny KourianosSenior Vice President, Product DevelopmentRakuten MarketingPanelists:Jeffrey BoorjianVice President, MarketingCaesars EntertainmentArnold CohenChief Marketing OfficerCacheRichard MansoAVP, Lancôme.comLANCÔMEElisa PadillaSenior Vice President, Global MarketingBrooklyn Nets | Barclays Center

  • 10:40am – 10:45am Switch Track Sessions
  • 10:50am – 11:40am Breakout Panels
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    Panel 1“Optimizing Marketing Performance in the Digital Era”Session topics include, but are not limited to:Understanding digital within the context of the entire business

    • Discussing digital’s integration within all areas of the organization
    • How is digital is impacting all points of sale within in the retail store?
    • Discussing the new era of marketing performance management 
    • Leveraging data to better understand your customers and how they interact with the brand across channels
    • Using these insights to deliver a personalized, tailored customer experience at all different touch points 
    • Top challenges being encountered within paid search marketing and best practices to overcome them
    • Best practices and challenges encountered in measuring cross channel engagement 
    • Leveraging data to optimize these interactions
    • Gaining access to value-rich data to help inform marketers of the highest performing channels
    • Using this data to support an increase in brand investment in successful channels and improve ROI
    Moderator:Casey CareyHead of Marketing, AdometryGooglePanelists:Lydia MorrisVice President, Consumer Marketing for Time, Entertainment Weekly, Fortune & MoneyTime Inc.Carly RosenbergChief Marketing OfficerBlueflyPatrick SullivanSVP, Head of Inegrated AnalyticsAIGPanel 2“Paving the Next Frontier of B2B Digital Marketing: Teams, Tactics, and Technologies”The B2B buying process has always been unique – its length and complexity have required B2B marketers to discover new ways to stay relevant with target prospects throughout the purchase decision, and continuously impact them in a meaningful and timely way. With the arrival of new technologies and approaches to support a wide range of marketing channels, it can be challenging for CMOs to prioritize initiatives that will meet the increasing demands of sales pipelines. Join Bryan Burdick, COO of Bizo, as he moderates a panel of B2B marketing leaders on what lies ahead for the B2B digital marketing organization of the future, including:
    • The growing role of big-data-driven marketing
    • What the marketing team of the future looks like
    • The evolution of the B2B marketing technology stack and how to prioritize technology investments
    • Navigating new twists and turns in the B2B purchase process
    Moderator:Bryan BurdickCOO and Co-FounderBizoPanelists:Jason BartlettVice President, Digital Marketing & eCommercePitney BowesAnne O'BrienSenior Vice President, MarketingInteractive Data CorporationDmitri SedovGlobal Head of Digital MarketingStandard & Poor'sPanel 3“Get, keep and grow your customers: master the consumer life cycle” Take back conversational control from Google, Facebook and Amazon
    • Using data management tools to inform a more comprehensive view of your consumer across channels and across devices
    • Learn how to leverage data and allow for more relevant and timely conversations with your consumer
    • Integrate measurement data to close the customer conversation loop
    • Learn how real time measurement can impact marketing effectiveness and inform strategic repositioning 
    • Use data to identify your most valuable and at-risk customers
    • Learn how a cross platform strategy increases customer reach
    • Your customer engages across multiple platforms, learn how to find and reach them more effectively
    • Learn how to use device awareness to optimize your message by device type
    Moderator:Mark ZagorskiCEOExelatePanelists:Andrew FeigensonManaging Director, DigitalNielsenNileem JaniDirector of Customer Insights & Consumer ProductsVerizonJohn LeemanFormer Chief Marketing OfficerFreshDirect

  • 11:40am – 12:10pm Coffee Break
  • 12:15pm – 12:35pm Thought Leadership Spotlight Presented by Teradata
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    "Viewpoints on Digital Marketing"As part of Teradata’s digital marketing team, Teradata Interactive’s Vice President of Strategy and Innovation Sean Shoffstall has the unique advantage of experiencing global brand marketing strategies as they unfold. By interacting with some of the world’s best-known brands every day, Sean and his team see trends emerge, generate insights into those trends, and then help to optimize complex campaigns.With today’s renewed focus on the buyer and the advent of the always-on consumer using multiple screens in mind, Sean will talk about the wealth of data being generated and collected throughout a buyer’s digital experience. As new tools, technologies, and platforms are introduced, marketing strategies must evolve. The ever-evolving possibilities of digital marketing present huge opportunities for more personalized, targeted, and adaptable communication than ever thought possible. Sean will discuss some of the overlying trends and noteworthy insights that he encounters most frequently.Sean ShoffstallVice President, Strategy and InnovationTeradata

  • 12:40pm – 1:00pm Thought Leadership Spotlight Presented by Monetate
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    "Busting the Myths of Digital Personalization"Every well-read executive knows that the future of marketing is one to one, omni-channel personalization. The customers want it.  In fact, a recent Harris poll found that nearly three-fourths (74%) of online consumers get frustrated with websites when content appears that has nothing to do with their interests.  Businesses want it.  Over 94% of the executives surveyed by eConsultancy said that personalization of the web experience was critical to their current and future success.  And the business impact is well documented.  A report released by Gartner last week stated that companies embracing digital personalization saw their number of items per order increase up to 50%, average order values increase up to 53% and customer conversion rates increase up to 33%.  So why are so few companies actually doing the one thing that has such promise to dramatically transform the customer experience?In this presentation, Monetate founder and Executive Chairman David Brussin will bust the myths that prevent companies from launching a personalization strategy. Mr. Brussin has been working with companies since 2007 on their digital personalization programs and will discuss the real-life challenges companies have had as they adopt personalization, and the unfounded fears they had to overcome to get started.  He will also share what a digital strategy looks like and provide some critical case studies and best practices that will help everyone as they head down the path to personalization.In this session you will learn:

    • The most commons misperceptions about digital personalization
    • How to use personalization to get ROI from your big data initiative
    • Concrete examples of personalization in action
    • The secrets to crafting an effective personalization strategy
    David BrussinFounder and Executive ChairmanMonetate

  • 1:00pm – 2:10pm Lunch
  • 2:15pm – 3:05pm Breakout Panels
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    Panel 1“So, You Think You Can Dance?: Unravelling Digital Data for Superior Consumer Insights”As companies are increasingly forced to expand their digital footprint, there lies a huge opportunity for Marketers to generate superior Consumer Insights hitherto unavailable to their traditional counterparts. Social media, for example, offers a large panel of consumers and the opportunity to listen-in to natural conversations that are not influenced or boxed in any way. This gives Marketers the opportunity to understand consumer preferences and consumption patterns, faster and on demand. It also exposes them to a greater depth and breadth of conversations, providing them with both valuable context as well as unexpected relations and preferences that could pivot an entire marketing campaign. Combining internal and external data as well as structured and unstructured data, provides Marketers a greater granularity into consumer behavior that maintains relevance even with scale. When customer care telephone logs are combined with social media data, Marketers can weave an intricate web of Consumer Experience as well as opportunities to cross sell and upsell. When structured CRM data is combined with unstructured geo-location data, Marketers can customize campaigns at an individual consumer level.  Our panel consists of senior Marketers and Marketing Analysts of successful brands that both sell as well as interact with consumers online. They will talk about the most powerful ways in which they have used data to Tango with their Consumers.Moderator:Gopi KoteeswaranCEOLatentviewPanelists:Ken GodfreyDirector of Digital Marketing, North AmericaPhilipsBrian GrovesChief Marketing Officer, US Consumer HealthcarePfizerPeter HarrisonGlobal Head of Marketing InsightsCignaEd WildSenior Director of AnalyticsPepsi North America BeveragesPanel 2“The New ‘Digital’ CMO”

    • How is digital affecting the role of the CMO? How does the CMO fit into the management team?
    • Marketing’s transformation into a data driven science
    • Being the catalyst to help your marketing organization make this transition
    • Utilizing new measurement tools and ROI to demonstrate the value of marketing within the organization
    • Scrutinizing how investments into certain channels are driving results and using that knowledge to better target your spending
    • How has digital transformed the way in which CMO’s structure their teams?
    • What new positions have become necessary? How are these new roles being defined?
    • How is digital affecting the CMO’s agenda?
    • Strategy, resources, finance, decision making, technology choices
    • How will the role of the CMO continue to evolve in the future?
    Moderator:Leslie DotyChief Marketing OfficerReader's Digest AssociationPanelists:Victoria BurwellSVP, Chief Marketing OfficerMcGraw-Hill EducationMatthew EbyVice President, Digital MarketingThe Weather ChannelAnthony JonesCMO & VP, Patient Care & Monitoring SolutionsPhilips HealthcareHeather ZynczakChief Marketing OfficerDomoPanel 3“Leveraging a Holistic View of the Customer”Session topics include, but are not limited to:How are marketers creating a more holistic view of customers across channels in real time?
    • How are they helping the brand create better experiences in real time?
    • How are marketers connecting first party data in real time to get a true view of customer?
    • What challenges are marketers encountering to build a holistic view of their customers? 
    • Best practices in cross channel data connection and activation
    • How far along is your organization on the maturity curve?
    • Challenges encountered, success stories
    Moderator:Adam KhanVice President, Social Media Strategy & AnalyticsCitiPanelists:Jill CressSenior Vice President, Global Consumer MarketingMasterCard WorldwideScott McAllisterSenior Vice President, Digital Marketing & RevenueTime Inc.Maryssa MillerHead of Digital CommerceJetBlue Airways CorporationJoe StanhopeSenior Vice President of MarketingSignal

  • 3:05pm – 3:25pm Coffee Break
  • 3:30pm – 4:15pm Fireside Chat
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    Robin DomeniconiChief Marketing OfficerRue La LaInterviewed by:Keith WilcoxAssociate Professor of MarketingColumbia Business School

  • 4:15pm – 4:20pm Argyle Executive Forum Closing Remarks
  • 4:20pm – 5:20pm Closing Reception

What will be discussed? Explore marketing hot topics and challenge areas such as:

Omnichannel strategy

Evaluate where you are on the omnichannel maturity curve, reflect on how your team is driving accountability around the omnichannel customer experience, and find out what you could be doing better. Our speakers will discuss:

  • Methodologies for measuring ROI
  • Targeting with customer data
  • Managing cross functional collaboration
  • Comparing single and multichannel interactions

Mobile Marketing

Confront the shift to the mobile consumer head on, by learning how the Fortune 500 has adapted their marketing efforts for mobile devices. Discuss mobile's evolution and make predictions for the future. Get briefed on:

  • Optimizing content for mobile
  • Managing the mobile channel as a marketer
  • Building a unified view of users across channels
  • Measuring the ROI of mobile

Buyer 2.0: the B2B customer

Who is the B2B customer of today, as opposed to 5-10 years ago? Learn how successful organizations have implemented new channels and capabilities to reach this specific type of consumer. Gain insight into:

  • Catering outreach to the customer
  • Empowering your sales team
  • Establishing brand credibility
  • Becoming a thought leader

Customer engagement

Explore how we understand our customers in today's hyper-connected world, and develop a brand dialogue to effectively communicate with them. Hear discussions on:

  • Understanding audience fragmentation
  • Connecting emotionally with customers
  • Communicating across multiple touch points
  • Integrating new media with traditional strategy

The digital CMO

The digital sphere has changed the role of the CMO, in scope and practice. Talk about how this affects all areas of the executive agenda, from budgeting to hiring. Learn how top CMOs are:

  • Being catalysts for change
  • Adopting new measurement tools
  • Defining new roles to add value
  • Leading by example

Content marketing

Exceed your customer's expectations for a tailored experience with effective content marketing. Find out how other marketing leaders are:

  • Driving engagement through personalization
  • Measuring content efforts
  • Exploring new communication channels
  • Understanding customer preferences

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