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The online retail marketplace comprised 5.9% of the overall retail market in 2014, and this figure is expected to reach 8.8% in 2018. With such a crucial percentage at stake, eCommerce leaders are facing more pressure than ever before to leverage new tools and technologies to reach customers at every touchpoint they utilize, particularly smartphones and tablets. The shift to “mcommerce” has granted customers the ability to engage with their favorite brands anywhere, anytime, and it has also presented marketing and ecommerce leaders the opportunity to utilize big data and digital analytics to better understand the omni-channel consumer.

Join us at the Argyle Executive Forum 2015 E-Commerce Leadership Forum in Dallas and meet other E-Commerce leaders to discuss best-practices and innovative marketing strategies that can help you respond to the changing marketplace.

This event will feature insights from top executives, including:

If you'd like to recommend a speaker, please email Tyler Lettich at tlettich@argyleforum.com.

Jason Allen Vice President, Multi-Channel
GameStop Corp.
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Franz Aman Senior Vice President, Brand & Demand
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Elana Anderson Senior Vice President, Worldwide Marketing
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Kartik Chandrayana CEO & Co-founder
Twin Prime
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David Chang Head, IT Digital & Innovation
Direct Energy
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Ian Cohen Vice President, Omni-Channel
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Ben Eason Vice President, Client Development
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Morgan Eseke Director of Strategic Forums
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Robin Gandhi VP, Partnerships and Channels
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Gary Griffin Senior Vice President, Database Marketing
Bank of America
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Bill Hobbib VP, Product Marketing: Commerce and Social
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Bryan Hoeft VP, Online Marketing
Thomson Reuters
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Robert Humphrey Chief Marketing Officer
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Robert Kennedy, Jr. Global Head of e-Commerce & Digital Marketing
Bio-Rad Laboratories
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Brenda Kerrick Vice President, Product Management and Customer Experience
Ambit Energy
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Sativa Leach Bowen Senior Vice President, Marketing and Retail Operations
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Diane Magers Customer Experience Executive
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Matt McRoberts VP, Partnerships and Channel Development
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Rick Medeiros Executive Director, Global eCommerce, Digital & Social
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Connie Petticrew Head, Global Loyalty Programs
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Eve Richey Chief Digital Officer
Haggar Clothing
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Devashish Saxena Group Vice President, Global eCommerce and Multichannel Convergence
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Roy Simrell President Manthan Americas
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David Stover Global Solution Management Lead for Mobile & Store
hybris, an SAP Company
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Mathew Sweezey Principal Marketing Insights
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  • 7:30am – 8:30am Breakfast
  • 8:35am – 8:40am Argyle Executive Forum Opening Remarks
  • 8:40am – 
  • 8:45am Introducing the Fireside Chat:
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    Elana AndersonSenior Vice President, Worldwide MarketingDemandware

  • 8:45am - 9:20am Fireside Chat Featuring:
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    Ian CohenVice President, Omni-ChannelRent-A-CenterInterviewed by:Connie PetticrewHead, Global Loyalty ProgramsHotels.com 

  • 9:25am – 9:45am  Thought Leadership Spotlight presented by Oracle
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    "What Does the Future of Modern Commerce Look Like?"

    Dramatic changes in the needs and behaviors of business and consumer buyers and the rapid move of many technologies to the cloud have created an inflection point for marketers.  Commerce is now a multi-channel, multi-function activity with customers demanding a consistent, personalized, and relevant experience whenever and wherever they might interact with your brand. 

    Are you able to get found everywhere your customers are looking for information, guide customers to the right content, personalize the content, merchandize with the most relevant cross-sell/upsell offers, and enhance content with relevant reviews and recommendations via every touchpoint? How advanced is your mobile strategy? Is the cloud a consideration for some part of your commerce infrastructure to gain greater agility and competitive advantage and reduce capital expenditures?

    Participants will come away with a better understanding of the impact of recent trends on the future of modern commerce, and what that could mean for your online business.

    Bill HobbibVP, Product Marketing: Commerce and SocialOracle*Please note, this session is off the record.

  • 9:45am – 10:00am Coffee Break
  • 10:00am  – 10:05am
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    Introducing "Customer Engagement in a Hyper-Connected World” Panel Discussion:Morgan EsekeDirector of Strategic ForumsCredera

  • 10:05am – 10:55am Panel Discussion 
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    "Customer Engagement in a Hyper-Connected World"Session topics include, but are not limited to:Understanding the evolution of the consumer and the new brand dialogue in today’s hyper-connected world

    • How has today’s sophisticated customer managed to gain ownership of the relationship?
    • Understanding audience fragmentation and the multitude of channels being utilized by customers throughout their decision process
    • How are brands adjusting to this new dynamic customer-centric dynamic? How are marketers aligning and integrating their efforts across multiple channels to drive engagement?
    • Exploring the concept of personalized marketing
    • Examples of companies leading the charge with exceptional personalization
    • How to leverage new tools and technologies to synergize marketing efforts across multiple channels and delivered a unified customer experience
    • Using these tools to sift through and learn from meaningful customer data and tailoring marketing efforts accordingly
    • Exploring various measurement tools and developments that allow marketers to integrate the traditional with the new, the offline with the online, etc.
    Moderator:Rick MedeirosExecutive Director, Global eCommerce, Digital & SocialLenovo Panelists: Ben EasonVP, Client DevelopmentConversantSativa Leach BowenSenior Vice President, Marketing and Retail OperationsCitigroupDiane MagersCustomer Experience ExecutiveAT&TRoy SimrellPresident Manthan AmericasManthan

  • 11:00am – 11:20am Thought Leadership Spotlight presented by ForgeRock
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    "Digital Transformation - Using Identity to Delight Your Customer"Robert HumphreyChief Marketing OfficerForgeRock

  • 11:20am – 11:35am Coffee Break
  • 11:35am
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     11:55amThought Leadership Spotlight presented by SAP“The Customer is Taking Over Your Company… How Do You Help Them?”

    The legacy of channels frustrates customers and content-driven commerce, anywhere, anytime, any device, frustrates the companies trying to serve them. Delivering on our promise for a seamless customer journey is more than just having a contextual marketing plan, digital dna in our online business unit, and social analytics.  How can we provide a seamless experience to customers if we aren’t seamless ourselves? People, processes, and strategy need to come together like never before, enabled by technology, to deliver end-to-end on this promise. This topic explores how we can best serve our Omni-Channel Commerce customers… on their terms. 

    David StoverGlobal Solution Management Lead for Mobile & Storehybris, an SAP Company

  • 11:55am - 12:00pm Introducing the "Optimizing Marketing Performance in the Digital Era" Panel Discussion:
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    Robin GandhiVP, Partnerships and ChannelsAdyen

  • 12:00pm – 12:45pm Panel Discussion 
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    “Optimizing Marketing Performance in the Digital Era”Session topics include, but are not limited to:

    • Understanding digital within the context of the entire business
    • Discussing digital’s integration within all areas of the organization
    • How is digital is impacting all points of sale within in the retail store?
    • How do you ensure cross-function collaboration to support your organization’s omnichannel strategy (IT, Operations, Supply Chain, Ecommerce, etc.)?
    • Discussing the new era of marketing performance management
    • Leveraging data to better understand your customers and how they interact with the brand across channels
    • Using these insights to deliver a personalized, tailored customer experience at all different touch points
    • Best practices and challenges encountered in measuring cross channel engagement
    • Leveraging data to optimize these interactions
    • Gaining access to value-rich data to help inform marketers of the highest performing channels
    • Using this data to support an increase in brand investment in successful channels and improve ROI
    Moderator:Brenda KerrickVice President, Product ManagementAmbit EnergyPanelists:Franz AmanSVP Strategy and OperationsInformaticaRobert Kennedy, Jr.Global Head of e-Commerce & Digital MarketingBio-Rad LaboratoriesMatt McRobertsVP, Partnerships and Channel DevelopmentAppboyRick MedeirosExecutive Director, Global eCommerce, Digital & SocialLenovo Eve RicheyChief Digital OfficerHaggar Clothing

  • 12:50pm – 1:10pm Thought Leadership Spotlight presented by Salesforce Marketing Cloud
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    "Driving more value from content marketing via predictive marketing"

    It has been estimated the average consumer sees over 5000 ads every day, so how can you break thought the noise. The only way is to be relevant, and being relevant at scale means dynamic content. Dynamic content is great but when you are dealing with thousands of options, and hundreds of skews you need more than dynamic, you need predictive to achieve the scale to really move the needle. Join Mathew Sweezey, marketing automation thought leader as he dives into the world of predictive content and it's value in the modern content marketing world. 

    Mathew SweezeyPrincipal Marketing InsightsSalesforce

  • 1:10pm – 2:10pm Lunch
  • 2:10pm – 2:30pm  Thought Leadership Spotlight presented by Twin Prime
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    “Make Your Mobile App Faster”

    Today, users spend about three hours every day on their mobile devices and 86% of this time is spent on mobile apps. However, mobile performance is erratic and slow; mobile apps are at least 3X slower than websites based on desktop/PC.  This is a huge disconnect, with real implications for enterprises reliant on mobile.  Slow mobile apps lead to loss of user engagement, dilute brand affinity and ultimately loss of revenue. There are billions of dollars involved.  The key question about mobile performance is why does it continue to suffer?  Why are current acceleration solutions not helping with mobile performance?  What is it that makes mobile so uniquely different from the desktop/PC world? 

    In this presentation, Kartik Chandrayana, CEO & Co-founder of Twin Prime, will explain some of the challenges that are unique to mobile, the efficacy of current solutions and describe Twin Prime’s novel approach to mobile performance.

    Kartik ChandrayanaCEO & Co-founderTwin Prime

  • 2:35pm – 3:20pm Panel Discussion
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    "Thought Leaders in Marketing Effectiveness Driven by Data"

    Session topics include, but are not limited to:

    • How has the role of data/insights/digital changed within your organization over the past few years?
    • Which marketing functions have been most transformed by improved access to data?
    • How are real-time consumer conversations impacting marketing decision-making?
    • As more data is incorporated into marketing, what does your internal division of labor look like for collecting, analyzing, and executing on it all?
    • Social is the preferred medium for consumers to share and retrieve information about everything, including brands—what challenges does that pose to traditional marketing within your organization?
    • Describe the transition your company has made towards social as a default (or preferred) method for understanding consumer audiences.
    • What other marketing inefficiencies are primed for social to tackle next?
    Moderator:David ChangHead, IT Digital & InnovationDirect EnergyPanelists:Ian CohenVice President, Omni-ChannelRent-A-CenterGary GriffinSenior Vice President, Database MarketingBank of AmericaBryan HoeftVP, Online MarketingThomson Reuters Devashish SaxenaGroup Vice President, Global eCommerce and Multichannel ConvergenceRexel

  • 3:20pm – 3:35pm Coffee Break
  • 3:35pm – 4:10pm "Understanding Online Influence"
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    Consumer behavior is constantly evolving, leading to a diversification of engagement across multiple channels within a brand.  Understanding how various channels effect consumer research and purchasing patterns is critical in delivering the right customer experiences, in the right locations, at the right times. 

    • Understanding the relationship of engagement in one channel, leading to a transaction in another channel.
    • Multichannel attribution methodologies.
    • Mobile is rapidly changing the landscape, but it’s real potential is within influence, not direct revenue.
    • How to connect the dots to better understand the “big picture”.
    • Utilizing multichannel insights to drive alignment, momentum, and growth.
    Jason AllenVice President, Multi-ChannelGameStop Corp.4:15pm –  4:50pm"Keeping the human element in digital transformation"

    The way we do business has changed.  We’ll discuss how engaging customers means understanding more about their needs, their behavior and their emotions as they interact with your brand.  We’ll talk about how orchestrating and leveraging information can help guide design and support the customer in their entire journey with your organization.  We will give examples of ways to create an ecosystem of design and action to keep the human at the center when creating the digital experiences.

    Diane MagersCustomer Experience ExecutiveAT&T

  • 4:50pm – 4:55pm Argyle Executive Forum Closing Remarks
  • 4:55pm – 5:55pm Closing Reception

What will be discussed? Explore marketing hot topics and challenge areas such as:

Omnichannel strategy

Evaluate where you are on the omnichannel maturity curve, reflect on how your team is driving accountability around the omnichannel customer experience, and find out what you could be doing better. Our speakers will discuss:

  • Methodologies for measuring ROI
  • Targeting with customer data
  • Managing cross functional collaboration
  • Comparing single and multichannel interactions

Mobile Marketing

Confront the shift to the mobile consumer head on, by learning how the Fortune 500 has adapted their marketing efforts for mobile devices. Discuss mobile's evolution and make predictions for the future. Get briefed on:

  • Optimizing content for mobile
  • Managing the mobile channel as a marketer
  • Building a unified view of users across channels
  • Measuring the ROI of mobile

Buyer 2.0: the B2B customer

Who is the B2B customer of today, as opposed to 5-10 years ago? Learn how successful organizations have implemented new channels and capabilities to reach this specific type of consumer. Gain insight into:

  • Catering outreach to the customer
  • Empowering your sales team
  • Establishing brand credibility
  • Becoming a thought leader

Customer engagement

Explore how we understand our customers in today's hyper-connected world, and develop a brand dialogue to effectively communicate with them. Hear discussions on:

  • Understanding audience fragmentation
  • Connecting emotionally with customers
  • Communicating across multiple touch points
  • Integrating new media with traditional strategy

The digital CMO

The digital sphere has changed the role of the CMO, in scope and practice. Talk about how this affects all areas of the executive agenda, from budgeting to hiring. Learn how top CMOs are:

  • Being catalysts for change
  • Adopting new measurement tools
  • Defining new roles to add value
  • Leading by example

Content marketing

Exceed your customer's expectations for a tailored experience with effective content marketing. Find out how other marketing leaders are:

  • Driving engagement through personalization
  • Measuring content efforts
  • Exploring new communication channels
  • Understanding customer preferences

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