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Argyle Executive Forum is bringing together leading finance executives for our Chief Financial Officer Leadership Forum in Toronto. Throughout a full day of content and networking, this event will provide senior finance executives with unique opportunities to learn from and connect with industry leaders. With a program geared towards leaders in finance, accounting, FP&A, treasurers and controllers, this forum will feature engaging and thought-provoking sessions on key themes, including:

  • The role of finance in defining and sustaining an organization's culture
  • How CFOs extend their influence beyond finance through their ongoing communication with human resources, sales, IT, and other areas of their companies
  • Exploring the skills that finance teams require in order to translate analytics into information their companies can use to support strategic decisions
  • How CFOs can prepare their companies to adapt to economic, regulatory, and political changes to the environment in which they do business

Our keynote presentations, fireside chats, panel discussions and networking sessions will equip you with actionable takeaways to bring back to the office, as well as the opportunity to expand your network by connecting with senior finance leaders hailing from Toronto and beyond. We look forward to hosting you!

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This event will feature insights from top executives, including:

If you'd like to recommend a speaker, please email Joe Fleischer at joefleischer@cfo.com.

John Hugo Vice President, Financials Products
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Claire Johnson Senior Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Development
CIBC Mellon
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Evelyn Sutherland Chief Financial Officer
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Christine Walker Vice President, Comptrollership
Canada Border Services Agency
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  • 8:30am - 9:30am Breakfast
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    Kick off the day with a healthy breakfast and networking. Connect with your peers in the Finance community from a variety of industries before the morning’s content begins.

  • 9:30am - 9:35am Argyle Opening Remarks
  • 9:35am - 10:10am Opening Keynote Session
  • 10:10am - 10:40am Networking Break
  • 10:40am - 11:30am Panel Discussion: “Driving Business Agility in the Finance Function”
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    Session topics include, but are not limited to:

    • In an era of digitalization, what responsibility around technology has the finance & accounting taken on in a changing global economy?
      • What are some best practices for managing technology spend and promoting innovation?
      • How are business process services impacting the financial landscape?
    • How can finance and accounting leverage technologies to cut costs and achieve business agility? How has it helped you achieve organizational goals and what has it enabled your business to accomplish?
      • How has it improved the consumer experience?
      • How has it helped you hedge against competitive threats?
      • Where does the true value lie and how can security concerns be mitigated with the implementation of new technologies?
    • How are you working with your current teams to update and increase their current skill set, especially when it comes to technology?
      • When hiring, how do you achieve a good balance of strategy and execution?
      • Which KPI’s do you use to evaluate the quality & efficiency of your team?
      • Do you have a long-term vision for your finance & accounting team?

  • 11:30am - 11:55am Networking Break
  • 11:55am - 12:45pm Panel Discussion: “The CFO as a Strategic Business Partner”
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    Session topics include, but are not limited to:

    • How are you acting as the agent of change for the organization and furthering the strategic value of CEO-CFO partnerships?
    • How are you creating smarter, efficient work patterns throughout the organization?
    • How is the CFOs influence expanding beyond just the finance and accounting function (collaboration with IT, HR, etc.)?
    • Discuss leveraging business intelligence to drive value.
    • Best practices to effectively automating the finance office and improving business processes.
    • Discuss how your team is evaluating major political, regulatory and economic factors that will impact the business climate in 2017.

  • 12:45pm - 1:45pm Lunch
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    Take a midday break to grab lunch, network with your peers, and discuss the morning presentations.

  • 1:45pm - 2:35pm Panel Discussion: “The CFO/CHRO Collaboration”
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    Session topics include, but are not limited to:

    • Instilling a culture of collaboration between Finance and HR
    • Addressing training & development needs in an age of digital transformation
    • Increasing significance of the employee experience
    • Properly investing in digital disruption
    • Utilizing technologies to analyze ROI on investments made in talent and talent management
    • Providing flexibility during transformation

  • 2:35pm - 2:55pm Networking Break
  • 2:55pm - 3:30pm Keynote Session: “Adapting to the Digitalization of Finance”
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    Session topics include, but are not limited to:

    • Leveraging technology to minimize cost and increase efficiency
    • Effectively managing technology spend
    • Transforming relevant data into actionable insights
    • Responding to heightened data security concerns and regulatory issues
    • Simplifying performance management through automation

  • 3:35pm - 4:10pm Closing Keynote Session
  • 4:10pm - 4:15pm Argyle Closing Remarks
  • 4:15pm - 5:15pm Closing Reception
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    Wrap up the day with a cocktail (or a few!) and head home with new connections and a notebook full of key takeaways to implement back at the office.

Explore the most critical hot topics and challenges facing finance executives, such as:

The Emergence of the CFO as a Strategic Business Partner

In an unpredictable business climate in which change seems to be the only constant, finance leaders have come to recognize that the best defense against uncertainty is establishing trust with other departments, business units, and senior executives. We will explore:

    • How CFOs extend their influence beyond finance through their ongoing communication with human resources, sales, IT, and other areas of their companies
    • Key characteristics and examples of effective partnerships between finance leaders and the businesses they serve
    • How CFOs can prepare their companies to adapt to economic, regulatory, and political changes to the environment in which they do business

How CFO's Apply Analytics to Support Strategic Decisions

Despite taking responsibility for managing analytics throughout their organizations, finance leaders regularly encounter obstacles to employing analytics effectively. These obstacles typically include insufficient technology, training, resources, and time. We will reveal how CFO's can enable their organizations to make sense of the information they have, and we will discuss:

    • How to work with colleagues within and outside your finance team to identify key performance indicators
    • How companies can gather and use unstructured data in conjunction with financial data to inform their decisions
    • Best practices for employing predictive analytics not only to guide decisions but also to mitigate risks
    • What skills finance teams typically possess, and what skills they will need to develop, to translate analytics into information their companies can use to support strategic decisions

How CFO's Can Use Forecasting to Support Growth How CFO's Improve the Value of Budgets

For CFO's, gaining buy-in for the budgeting process is as important as ensuring the integrity of the numbers. An effective budget results from a CFO's cultivation of relationships with, and gathering of knowledge from, each department outside finance and each business unit throughout an organization. During this session, we will focus on:

    • Key challenges finance leaders face with budgeting, and how they are overcoming them
    • Best practices for determining which methods of budgeting address your organization's needs
    • The CFO's role in transforming an organization's approach to budgeting
    • Strategies and techniques a finance leader can use, as well as how to collaborate effectively with other departments, to establish a more efficient and more accurate budgeting process 




Still have questions? We have answers.

I want to attend, but what if I'm unsure of my schedule and need to cancel my participation?

Just let us know. We understand that schedules change! However, we always have a waiting list for this event, and if you don't cancel, we will assume you are still attending and your spot will go unused. If you must, cancel at least 48 hours prior to the event to make room for others!

What if I can't be OOO for a whole day, or need to come late?

We have wifi and private rooms available for attendees to take calls and spend some quiet time on emails, as well as access to printing. Have a morning meeting you can't miss? No problem. This event was designed for busy executives - we get it.

I'd like to bring some colleagues. Do I need to register them online?

Events are more fun with friends, and we'd be happy to host your team. You can have them register online, or send us their names, titles and email addresses and we will take care of it for you! request a pass.

I don't see the event venue listed. Where will the meeting be held?

To maintain exclusivity, we don't release the venue address until the registration process has been completed. All logistical details will be shared once you have requested a pass and been approved.

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