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Amongst the multitude of responsibilities today’s era of digitalization has ushered in, corporate performance management (CPM) has increasingly become one of the more essential requirements CFOs must execute with regards to financial processes such as budgeting, financial consolidation, forecasting, and analysis. Over the years, CPM has evolved from a collection of single-purpose application silos that have become a maintenance burden and are unsustainable, requiring multiple maintenance points along with massive integrations between products, applications, and modules, causing frustration among CFOs. As the Smart Phone has changed the way we use technology to consume and exchange information, CPM will change the way the CFO’s organization leverages technology to better improve their financial processes.

Argyle Executive Forum, in partnership with OneStream Software, is bringing together leading CFOs, CAOs, Treasurers, VPs of Finance, Controllers, and corporate finance leaders, from a variety of industries, at our 2017 Chief Financial Officer Leadership Breakfast in San Francisco to discuss how the modern CFO will effectively bring financial consolidation and reporting, planning, and advanced analytics to the Finance office while maintaining cost efficient strategies, enabling high functionality, and achieving business goals.

The event will focus on several areas, including (but not limited to):
• The components of next generation CPM
• Delivering more value while reducing technical complexity
• The benefits of unifying corporate performance management

The "2017 CFO Leadership Breakfast: The Evolution of Corporate Performance Management" in San Francisco is proudly sponsored by:

This event will feature insights from top executives, including:

Tom Shea President and CEO
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  • 8:00am – 8:15am Arrival and Breakfast
  • 8:15am – 8:20am Argyle Executive Forum Opening Remarks
  • 8:20am – 8:40am OneStream Remarks
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    Tom Shea
    President and CEO  

  • 8:40am – 8:55am Roundtable Discussions
  • 8:55am – 9:00am Argyle Executive Forum Closing Remarks

Participation Requirements

This meeting convenes Chief Financial Officers and direct reports, as well as senior executives from select partnering organizations.  Participation is reserved for currently employed Members of Argyle Executive Forum that meet the following criteria:


  • VP level or higher finance executives, as well as select direct reports, from companies with at least $1b in annual revenue.
  • Chief Financial Officers (or equivalent), as well as select direct reports, from companies with at least $100mm in annual revenue.
  • Organizations that serve as vendors to this membership are not eligible to attend, but can contact Argyle for information about sponsoring a similar event.

If you do not meet these requirements, and would like to discuss participation in this meeting, please contact: Dina Jordan, djordan@argyleforum.com. (646) 581-9350.

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