Why You Should Attend!

Argyle Executive Forum is bringing together leading CFOs and financial executives together for our annual 2017 Chief Financial Officer Leadership Forum in New York City. Throughout a full day of thought leadership content and networking, we will focus on the most pressing issues that finance executives are facing, with an agenda geared specifically towards Chief Financial Officers, Chief Accounting Officers, as well as VPs and Directors of Finance, Accounting, FP&A, Controllers, and Treasurers in a leadership role. Key topics we’ll explore include: 

  • Understanding  and effectively addressing the financial risks that disruptors within your industry pose
  • Evaluating major political, regulatory and economic factors impacting the business climate
  • Leveraging emerging technologies to drive cost cutting and operational efficiency
  • Transforming data into valuable insights to make better business decisions
  • Maintaining a reliable, stable finance organization amidst internal business transformation or disruption
  • Effectively onboarding new talent & investing in the long-term development of existing talent 

Our keynote presentations, fireside chats, panel sessions, and networking breaks will enable candid discussions with your peers focused on these topics and more. 

We look forward to bringing together another fantastic faculty in 2017, and to hosting you alongside our community of Fortune 500 Finance leaders hailing from the heart of New York City and beyond!

This event will feature insights from top executives, including:

If you'd like to recommend a speaker, please email Tess Bradley-Jones at tbjones@argyleforum.com.

Bona Allen Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Kajima Building and Design, Inc
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Nicholas Ammaturo Head of Global Procurement, Corporate Services
Tapestry, Inc.
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Lynda Bennett Partner and Chair, Insurance Recovery Group, Member, Executive Board
Lowenstein Sandler
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Eric Chan Chief Financial Officer/Chief Administrative Officer
The Bouqs Company
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Robert Crocitto Principal Broker
ARC Excess & Surplus
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Sue D'emic Chief Financial Officer, EVP
Time Inc.
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Kelley Hicks CFO
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Mustally Hussain VP & Corporate Treasurer
Herc Rentals
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David Kellogg CEO
Host Analytics
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Todd LeBaron Vice President, Corporate Development
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Eric Lorentzon Strategic Account Manager
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Channing Monti Senior Account Executive, Financial & Risk Management Solutions
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Sas Mukherjee EVP, CFO and Chief Strategy Officer
York Risk Services Group
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Ash Noah Vice President, CGMA External Relations
Association of International Certified Professional Accountants
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Robert Thompson Global Controller
Victaulic Company
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  • 8:00am-9:00am Breakfast
  • 9:00am - 9:05am Argyle Opening Remarks
  • 9:05am-9:10am Session Introduction featuring Sage
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    Eric Lorentzon
    Strategic Account Manager

  • 9:10am-9:50am Keynote Presentation: "The Evolving Role of the CFO"
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    The role of the CFO has been evolving and has never been as critical as it is now. The business world, disrupted by digital and globalization, is changing fast and the stakes are high – the power of decisions can impact a company irreparably and the factors for foresight in decision making are vast - CFOs are in this unique position, beyond the CEO, to step up to chief decision support officers to help steer the company forward.

    CFOs are being called to action to create value, develop strategy and:

    • Manage disruption and lead change
    • Become a creative visionary who is grounded firmly in the facts while being able to partner with the CEO on supporting the vision
    • Understand of whole business and the key outcome metrics (not just financial) – Customer Experience, Talent, Brand, Competitive Intelligence, Efficiency of Business Processes (not just in Finance)
    • Become an advisor, operator and enabler

    Participate in this thought provoking session for a dialog on:

    • Traditional Role.  A traditional CFO, and how is it different from the modern day CFO?
    • Evolution.  Why has the CFO’s role changed over time?
    • Key Skills: What are the three key skills every modern-day CFO should possess, and why?
    • Challenges.  What particular challenges do you face as a finance leader?
    • Culture. Views on company culture? How do you bring the accounting & finance team together?
    • Lessons. What are the most important learnings about being a finance leader?
    • Tips. Tips for the next generation of CFO’s / aspiring finance leaders.

    … and walk away with a practical self-assessment checklist to guide your journey towards being a higher performing and evolved finance leader!

    Sas Mukherjee
    EVP, CFO and Chief Strategy Officer
    York Risk Services Group

  • 9:55am-10:15am Thought Leadership Spotlight: "Finance Transformation – A CEO’s View"
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    In this thought leadership session, Host Analytics CEO Dave Kellogg provides his view of Finance Transformation, including his experiences with corporate budgeting and planning and working with Finance as a business partner.  He’ll also discuss the next wave in transforming enterprise performance management (EPM) processes, so Finance can shift its focus from counting to considering.  Dave will highlight best practices in:

    Automating manual processes to increase finance productivity

    Accelerating planning and reporting and increasing agility

    Aligning finance and operations through enterprise planning and modeling

    David Kellogg
    Host Analytics

  • 10:15am-10:40am Networking Break
  • 10:40am-11:30am Panel Discussion: "The CFO as a Strategic Business Partner”
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    Session topics include, but are not limited to:

    • How are you acting as the agent of change for the organization and furthering the strategic value of CEO-CFO partnerships?
    • How are you creating smarter, efficient work patterns throughout the organization?
    • How is the CFOs influence expanding beyond just the finance and accounting function (collaboration with IT, HR, etc.)?
    • Discuss leveraging business intelligence to drive value.
    • Best practices to effectively automating the finance office and improving business processes.
    • Discuss how your team is evaluating major political, regulatory and economic factors that will impact the business climate in 2017.


    Bona Allen
    Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
    Kajima Building and Design, Inc


    Eric Chan
    Chief Financial Officer/Chief Administrative Officer
    The Bouqs Company

    Sue D'emic
    Chief Financial Officer, EVP
    Time Inc.

    Kelley Hicks

    Todd LeBaron
    Vice President, Corporate Development

    Channing Monti
    Senior Account Executive, Financial and Risk Management Solutions

  • 11:35am - 11:55am Thought Leadership Spotlight: "How to Leverage Technology for True Financial Transformation"
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    In order to process information more efficiently and effectively, CFO's need to embrace technology to compete in today's digital world. Unfortunately, most CFO's are still patching processes while burdened with outdated technology, and unable to accurately report on the financial position of their organization. New technology can provide better analysis, faster results, and ensure that validations and certifications are met, empowering the CFO immediately, and arming them for the future.

    Join Robert Thompson, Global Controller, at Victaulic, as he shares his organization's financial transformation story. Hear how they leveraged modern technology to solve their critical issues in the finance function and gain a clear view of their organization with improved visibility, structure, added controls and timely financial reporting and analysis. 

    Robert Thompson
    Global Controller
    Victaulic Company

  • 11:55am-12:15pm Networking Break
  • 12:15pm - 12:45pm Fireside Chat Session: "CFO Liability Protection through Cyber Insurance"
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    Session topics to include but are not limited to:

    • What do CFOs tend to consider when purchasing insurance coverage for their companies?
      • What other factors should be considered?
    • How are CFOs using insurance coverage to manage cyber and data privacy risks?
    • How can the CFO make sure that all necessary steps are being taking in the claims adjustment process to secure maximum recovery?
    • Is your organization regularly discussing disruptors in your industry?
      • What are the key factors transforming your industry right now?
      • What is the finance team doing to anticipate and understand the risk that these disruptions or disruptors pose?
      • What other key executive functions are you collaborating most closely with?(Procurement, Operations, Sales, etc.)
    • How do you see your role evolving in 2018?

    Lynda Bennett
    Partner and Chair, Insurance Recovery Group, Member, Executive Board
    Lowenstein Sandler


    Robert Crocitto
    Principal Broker
    ARC Excess & Surplus

  • 12:45pm-1:05pm Thought Leadership Spotlight: "Business as Unusual – Driving Agility in Disruptive Times"
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    Disruptive technologies. Geopolitical shifts. Consumer empowerment. Today’s finance leaders are operating in an era of business as unusual. 

    Digital disruption is making current business models obsolete and organizations have no option but to leverage technology and data to transform or become a casualty. The organizations that will thrive in these complex times are those with teams that are nimble, quick and confident to make critical decisions on the fly.

    Join Ash Noah, CPA, CGMA, from the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants, as he shares research and insights on the impact of technology on the finance function of the future and the imperative for organizations to adopt a new operating model for finance.

    Ash Noah
    Vice President, CGMA External Relations 
    Association of International Certified Professional Accountants

  • 1:05pm-2:05pm Lunch
  • 2:05pm-2:45pm Keynote Session featuring Herc Rentals
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    Mustally Hussain
    VP & Treasurer
    Herc Rentals

  • 2:45pm-3:05pm Networking Break
  • 3:05pm-3:45pm Keynote Session featuring Tapestry Inc.
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    Nicholas Ammaturo
    Head of Global Procurement, Corporate Services
    Tapestry Inc.

  • 3:45pm-3:50pm Argyle Closing Remarks
  • 3:50pm-4:50pm Closing Reception

What will be discussed? Explore finance hot topics and challenge areas such as:

Emerging technology and finance

Review the key technology trends that CFOs are exploring, and reflect on how finance as a discipline has evolved in the past few years as a result. Learn about:

  • Overcoming traditional interdepartmental silos
  • Evaluating the capabilities the cloud offers
  • Mitigating security concerns
  • Transforming data into actionable insights

Driving value in talent management

Examine how the current hiring environment requires the CFO and HR to collaborate more than ever on talent management and retention strategies. Dive into:

  • Exploring the HR/finance relationship
  • Addressing training and development needs
  • Aligning talent management with business goals
  • Partnering across functions to drive results

Managing enterprise risk

How have the rapid transformations in technology impacted the risk environment? Learn how successful organizations are managing the digital landscape. Find out about:

  • Leveraging risk to drive opportunity
  • Incentivizing employees to be more productive
  • Streamlining through succession planning
  • Creating balanced risk strategies

The modern CFO

The role of the CFO is constantly evolving, in scope and practice. Talk about how this affects all areas of the executive agenda, including how to deal with a new regulatory environment. Learn how top CFOs have been:

  • Deepening relationships with C Suite partners
  • Preparing the finance team for the future
  • Gaining greater operational expertise
  • Securing a strategic edge through new skillsets

The CFO and M&A

Discuss the difficult questions CFOs are asking at the onset of new M&A opportunities, and how they shepherd the transaction from beginning to end. Find out how other finance leaders are:

  • Identifying the "right" deals to leverage
  • Measuring the success of M&A transactions
  • Maximizing overseas investments
  • Defining metrics to build fruitful relationships

Partnering for innovation

Explore the definition of innovation for CFOs, and the modern ways of evaluating and financing it within the organization. Focus on moving past the stereotype that finance "stifles innovation" through engaging discussion on:

  • Determining areas to add value
  • Rethinking traditional finance metrics
  • Exploring new tools and technologies
  • Prioritizing innovation across the firm

Still have questions? We have answers.

I want to attend, but what if I'm unsure of my schedule and need to cancel my participation?

Just let us know. We understand that schedules change! However, we always have a waiting list for this event, and if you don't cancel, we will assume you are still attending and your spot will go unused. If you must, cancel at least 48 hours prior to the event to make room for others!

What if I can't be OOO for a whole day, or need to come late?

We have wifi and private rooms available for attendees to take calls and spend some quiet time on emails, as well as access to printing. Have a morning meeting you can't miss? No problem. This event was designed for busy executives - we get it.

I'd like to bring some colleagues. Do I need to register them online?

Events are more fun with friends, and we'd be happy to host your team. You can have them register online, or send us their names, titles and email addresses and we will take care of it for you!

I don't see the event venue listed. Where will the meeting be held?

To maintain exclusivity, we don't release the venue address until the registration process has been completed. All logistical details will be shared once you have requested a pass and been approved.

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