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Innovation has shaken up the workforce and flipped the standard ideals of company culture on its head. As organizations continue to foster growth, leaders are developing new ways to empower employees through recognition and rewards. However, while creating strategies for improving overall employee satisfaction is at the top of every organizational leader’s list of priorities, finance leaders must balance their budgets in order to make way for a new employee benefit expense report. 

Unfortunately, everything comes with a price, including culture. While newly re-defined culture comes with cost analysis, proper allocation of funds, and time, keeping a stagnant office culture can lead to turn over and risk of losing valuable employees to competitors. The question then becomes, how can leaders bite the bullet and evolve their work environment for the better without breaking the corporate bank? As we begin progressing culture in the workplace, finance executives are collaborating with their HR counterparts so they can best support their teams and drive a new model for business and rewards. 

Join Argyle, in Partnership with Rocketrip, in our 2018 CFO Leadership Dinner: Balancing Budgets for Office Culture and Benefits. During the event we’ll discuss: 

  • Enhancing benefits and reducing spend – balancing the rewards budget 
  • The cost of turnover – Partnering with HR to increase employee satisfaction across the organization 
  • Optimizing programs and motivating with cost-effective options 
  • How finance can maximize productivity by connect the value of the employee to organizational purpose

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The "2018 CFO Leadership Dinner: Balancing Budgets for Office Culture and Benefits" in Los Angeles is proudly sponsored by:

  • 6:00pm - 7:00pm Cocktail Reception
  • 7:00pm - 7:15pm Opening Remarks and Participant Introductions
  • 7:15pm - 9:00pm Roundtable Discussions & Dinner
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    1. How have HR responsibilities exclusively held by HR, such as hiring, retention, employee engagement, benefits, and culture, had a growing impact on the finance functions within your organization?

    • How has this impacted the relationship with your HR executives within the past 5-10 years?

    2. How are you working together to implement new cost effective strategies for employee benefits within the organization?

    • How are you factoring in overall cost efficiency to your strategies?
    • Is there noticeable ROI in newly developed employee programs?

    3. How do you think about the financial impact of employee productivity on your organization and how does that influence how you work with HR executives to best maximize the productivity of your employees?

    • How have you aided in connecting the value of the employee to organizational purpose?

    4. Discuss the cost of turnover and how it directly impacts the CFO in any organization.

    • How are you partnering with HR to implement best practices for minimizing turnover and maximizing satisfaction?

    5. What benefits and rewards have you implemented to increase employee satisfaction and how were they factored into your annual budget?

    • What are some things to remember when allocating funds for rewards?

Participation Requirements

This event convenes Chief Financial Officers, Vice Presidents, Treasurers, Controllers, and Directors.  Participation is reserved for Finance Leaders that meet the following criteria:

  • Leaders at the Director-Level and above from organizations with over $100MM in annual revenue.

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