How Membership Works

Argyle Executive Forum offers its members unparalleled opportunities to access the proven best practices of their peers. Our membership model enables business leaders to absorb and share knowledge and real-world experiences in an extremely efficient and personalized manner. Member benefits include but are not limited to the following key areas:

Introductions and Phone Consultations

Argyle Executive Forum connects members with carefully screened peers. Members exchange perspectives, gathered from first-hand experiences, on everything from high-level strategy to day-to-day operations. Argyle Executive Forum’s introductions and phone consultations leverage the collective power and knowledge of the membership, generate key peer insights for members, and often save the member significant dollars and time when solving important business challenges.

Member Events

Argyle Executive Forum conducts over 200 private breakfasts, dinners, cocktail receptions, full-day conferences, workshops, and roundtable discussions for its membership. Events allow members to connect in person, in a true peer-to-peer, protected environment. The screened attendance ensures time well spent, enabling connections that will have a lasting impact on your business and career.

Peer-to-Peer Councils and Committees

Highly targeted councils and committees bring together like-minded members to discuss relevant issues. The pooled expertise that’s unlocked through council- and committee-based collaboration further strengthens each member’s personal network, while providing new insights and solutions.

Leading-Edge Content

Argyle Executive Forum consistently produces useful thought leadership. Members are supplied with exclusive interviews, white papers, teleconferences, briefings, and survey results. These communications help advance understanding of best practices, customer and market trends, as well as economic and political climate.

Dedicated Relationship Management

All members of our communities are assigned a trusted personal contact within Argyle Executive Forum. Relationship managers are on call to ensure that members reap the maximum benefits associated with being part of Argyle Executive Forum’s ever-growing network. Relationship managers provide strategic introductions to other members, highlight relevant networking and content opportunities, secure access to exclusive meetings, and help navigate the entire Argyle Executive Forum platform. Your relationship manager also is happy to assist with concierge services associated with any of our events.

Scheduled Seminars, Summits and Live Events

In order to receive CPE credit for any Instructor-led live Event you must:

Sign the provided Sign-in Sheet provided to you by the instructor or seminar facilitator.

Important Notes

CPE certificates are typically delivered to participants within 60-90 business days of each event and are delivered to the email address provided by the participant during registration for the seminar.

Cancellation and event changes

On occasion, due to unforeseen circumstances, it may be necessary to cancel or change the date, time or CPE for a scheduled seminar. In this case, we will make every effort to notify participants as soon as possible. Please check our website for the latest information or contact us to confirm event details. Participants will not be reimbursed for expenses incurred in connection with the cancelled seminar.

Official National Registry of CPE Sponsors' Statement

Argyle Executive Forum is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. State boards of accountancy have final authority on the acceptance of individual courses for CPE credit. Complaints regarding registered sponsors may be submitted to the National Registry of CPE Sponsors through its website:

NASBA National Registry of CPE Sponsors - Sponsor License Number 103072
In accordance with the standards of the National Registry of CPE Sponsors, CPE credits are granted based on a 50-minute hour. Please direct any complaints to:

Success Stories & Testimonials

“Argyle Executive Forum is the gold-standard in the industry and should patent the formula for what they do. It is much more than just 'events,' though their conferences are outstanding, thought-provoking and full of valuable insights from well-known [and often legendary] people in the business. Argyle Conversations is an excellent resource for learning what others are doing in their field. They are great at facilitating contacts with others in a very professional, meaningful and discreet fashion. It is great to be a part of the Forum.”
— Janet Krone, CIO, City University of New York

“I have been very pleased with all the Argyle forums I’ve attended. The speakers are recognized experts and practitioners, the venues are convenient and the pace of the curriculum is ideal. The one day format is an efficient use of my time – yet it still provides plenty of learning and networking opportunities. The Argyle Executive Forum clearly recognize the demands placed on todays busy professionals.”
—Nathan Fischer, Former Chief Investment Officer, The Lumina Foundation

“The annual Argyle M&A Executive Forum is the one meeting I make every effort to attend. The Forum recruits excellent presenters, the topics are relevant and current, and the level of participation is excellent. This event is also a great opportunity for networking and sharing common challenges.”
—Richard Langseder, Vice President, Business Development, Curtiss-Wright Flow Control

“The Argyle Executive Forum offers a high-quality venue for networking with industry leaders from the operating, finance and public policy worlds. I enthusiastically recommend the Forum.”
—Christopher W. Kersey, Managing Partner, Camden Partners

“Before even attending an Argyle event, I’ve already been able to utilize the membership to make helpful connections with peers and engage in thought leadership exercises. I look forward to a continued relationship with Argyle Executive Forum.”
—Courtney McCormick, Associate General Counsel, Public Service Electric and Gas Company

“I expected the Forum to be just one more ‘event’ to attend. But instead, I found engaged passionate people concerned about improving their companies and their people. The speakers were engaging and informative—but even more valuable to me was the opportunity to network with other individuals who are serious about continuously improving.”
—Elizabeth King, Executive Director, Organization Development, Esco Ltd.

“I was very glad I made the time to attend my first Chicago Argyle HR meeting. The subjects were right on target with today’s HR executive challenges and with a format conducive to sharing best practices. I look forward to attending the meeting again next year.”
—Jill Lehman, VP, HR, Hill-Rom, North America

“One of the quotes from the Argyle Executive Forum that struck a chord with me was ‘Your CEO expects you to have an opinion on issues beyond those directly related to HR’. The same could be said for HR specialists sitting on the HR leadership team. The Argyle Executive Forum is a great venue for HR generalists and specialists to expand their horizons beyond their specialization.”
—Bill Greer, Compensation Consultant, Kellogg Company

“As someone who is new to the Argyle Executive Forum, I have found the experience to be very beneficial, and the planning and communication relative to their meetings has exceeded my expectations. TheHR Executive Forum in particular was an excellent investment of time. The speakers were uniformly strong, and the topics were very relevant to issues that helped to stimulate thinking that could be helpful to our organization. The assistance in networking with other participants in advance of the meeting was a unique touch. The meeting was well planned and organized, and remained on time throughout the session. I have appreciated my involvement with Argyle and look forward to continuing the relationship in the future.”
—Chuck Aardema, VP, HR, totes Isotoner

“I attended the Chicago Argyle HR meeting and found the speakers to be very dynamic. I enjoyed hearing the viewpoints of others and was able to connect with other attendees as well. I look forward to attending the meeting again next year.”
—Amy Best, VP, HR, Exelon Corporation

“Argyle continues to provide some of the most thought-provoking, interesting conversations on top-of-mind topics for the investment community. Combining current issues with experts in the field, I never fail to learn something from fellow presenters. I also find the networking to be extremely valuable.”
—Jeffry R. Haber, PhD, CPA, Controller, The Commonwealth Fund

“My experience with Argyle thus far has been overwhelmingly positive and productive. While most senior HR execs are mired in day-to-day firefighting and negotiating, our ability to be strategic and successful depends on us being able to set aside precious time to take a step back to expand our thinking beyond the day-to-day—so that we can apply innovative ideas to our unique business models. Argyle provides the ideal forum to commingle the top HR talent in the country in one place so the vast experience in the room can share best practices and creative solutions for today’s problems. The networking opportunities are boundless—it would be virtually impossible to not learn something really cool at an Argyle event that can be implemented back home. My only regret is that I do not make more time for Argyle-like events”

—Thomas Ezrin, VP, Global Total Rewards, Flextronics International

“Access to the conferences was the original reason I became involved with Argyle, but they have served as a valuable resource in other ways as well. They have worked with me to make valuable connections with other members of the General Counsel Membership, and have responded thoughtfully to business challenges throughout the year.”
—Matt Reverford, General Counsel, Potbelly

“Whether I was a speaker or an attendee, I found Argyle to be a first-class operation. They are well organized and deliver top-notch programs on current and important topics.”
—Lou Schapiro, SVP and Deputy General Counsel, Estee Lauder International

“The level and diversity of attendance, as well as the speaker lineup, was extremely impressive. The content covered was well-timed and stimulating, which led to an interesting takeaway of the trend toward ‘Quantamental.’ Overall, it was a terrific event.”
—Keith Parker, Head of Alternative Research Strategies, Deutsche Bank

“Speakers were outstanding, and the subjects covered were extremely timely and relevant. It was a worthwhile endeavor to make some new contacts and to share industry insights.”
—Ronald Lagnado, Managing Director and Head of Fixed Income Quantitative Strategies, Pareto/BNY Mellon Asset Management

“Very well executed conference, with top-notch speakers and intriguing content. One of the best I have attended.”
—Petter Kolm, Director & Clinical Associate Professor at NYU - Algorithmic Trading and Investment Management, NYU

“The caliber of speakers and attendees were exemplary. I enjoyed this conference very much and look forward to attending the next one.”
—Al Ehrbar, President, EVA Advisers

“Of all the conferences I’ve attended in 2009, Argyle's Investor Leadership Forum was the most informative and well attended.”
—Christopher Zani, Portfolio Manager, Boston Advisors

“The speakers as well as the participants were very well selected. I was impressed with the mix of both quantitative and fundamentally oriented professionals—it was conducive to many interesting interactions and thought provoking content. All in all, it was an outstanding event.”
—Vlad Portnoy, Head of Quantitative Strategies, Jefferies & Company

“Argyle Executive Forum has been an exceptional way to connect with industry leaders as well as investors in the telecom and media sector. Having participated in a few of Argyle's forums, I can honestly say there is a terrific cross-pollination of ideas and trends. In addition, the forums have been great for meeting new companies and for starting the M&A deal-making process with some of the major industry players.”
—Prem Parameswaran, Americas Head, Telecom; Managing Director, Global Telecommunications & Media Group, Deutsche Bank Securities

“Argyle puts together some of the best content-driven and star-speaker events I’ve been to. Each time I go to an Argyle event, I walk away with multiple interesting follow-ups. The Argyle staff has been super friendly and actually understands the type of connection/relationship that would be helpful for my business.”
—Hanson Li, Executive Director, The Hina Group

“Argyle conferences are great for both building new relationships and reconnecting with old friends in the industry."
—Andrew Kwee, Principal, LGT Capital Partners (USA)

“Argyle provides a fantastic opportunity to interact with peers within and across industries. Having attended their meetings for several years, I have found tremendous value listening to real-world lessons from the outstanding speakers Argyle assembles.”
—David Senior, SVP Strategy and Corporate Development, AmerisourceBergen Corporation

“The Argyle meetings on endowment investments and hedge funds are a 'must attend' event for me. They provide excellent information from experts in the field and also first-rate presentations by my peers at other organizations. The ability to network with the other attendees is invaluable.”
—John Dysland, Chief Financial Officer, WWICS

“The Argyle team has been great in helping build our M&A network. We'll use this network to bounce around ideas, unlock opportunities and keep connected with industry peers.”
—Peter M. Kurto, Vice President, Business Development & Investor Relations, Lydall

“Argyle has a talent for picking subject matter that is topical and engaging to a market that is fast moving. I was impressed with the breadth of expertise attending the panels and the seniority of those choosing to attend the event. With time in such short supply, conjoining like-minded professions across the breadth of the industry is a catalyst for innovative and business-savvy discussion and networking.”
—Paul Christie, Head of Marketing, Emergent

“Through Argyle Executive Forum’s General Counsel Membership I have not only been able to hear industry leaders discuss top of mind issues but also make valuable connections with peers through their various networking opportunities.”
—Ron DeMoss, VP & General Counsel, Rent-A-Center Services

“I attended the November 9, 2010 Argyle CFO Forum and was very impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of the Argyle staff, the quality of the speaker line-up, the depth of the meeting content and the networking opportunities with other attendees. I look forward to attending the April 12, 2011 CFO Forum as well.”
—Cliff Lange, Vice President, CFO & Chief Actuary, Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company

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