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Adapt and Adopt: Victor Lee, Vice President, Digital Marketing, Hasbro

Victor Lee, Vice President of Digital Marketing at Hasbro, discussed the importance of flexible marketing in organizations during his presentation at the 2014 Leadership in Digital Marketing Forum in Boston on Dec. 3. In his presentation, “Adapt and Adopt,” Lee pointed out that today’s consumers move quickly, and it is vital for organizations to be flexible and adapt their marketing efforts to the needs of their target audiences.

According to Lee, optimization and measurement tools provide real-time data that can help marketers, and today’s marketers need to understand which of these tools will best suit their organizations’ marketing efforts. Lee noted every marketer wants to be great, but ineffective marketing campaigns can slow down organizations. However, an organization that is not afraid to move on from unsuccessful marketing efforts can thrive in today’s global marketplace, Lee said: “That’s where the world has shifted to, so as you’re thinking about your organization, there is no let’s sit back, relax, test and learn; it’s do and do again. If it didn’t work the first time, do it differently the second time. It isn’t learning from the mistake; it’s accepting it, failing fast, and then keep going.”

Having the ability to connect with a target audience through multiple channels simultaneously presents myriad opportunities to marketers, Lee said. If an organization can leverage mobile and social media tools successfully, Lee noted, it could extend its global reach and learn from its target audience as well: “It’s understanding the multi, multi, multi, multi, multiscreen. It’s not going away. It’s how you use them. It’s where you feed into it.”

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