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Adobe's Director of Industry Strategy Discusses How to Bridge the Gap Between Marketing and Technology

Chris Young, Director, Industry Strategy at Adobe, examined how to bridge the gap between marketing and technology in a presentation to Argyle’s CIO membership at the 2015 Chief Information Officer Leadership Forum: Spotlight on Financial Services in New York on Sept. 16. In his presentation, Young discussed how marketing represents the merger of the two halves of the brain, and technology can support both sides as well.

According to Young, today’s CMOs are focused on better understanding customers. But at the same time, CMOs must standardize data to deliver the right customer experience, Young noted. Ultimately, CMOs want to serve as “friends” to customers, Young said, which makes the relationship between the CMO and CIO paramount. However, fragmented marketing departments often deliver limited results, and internal silos rarely implement technology properly: “If you think about what your marketers are trying to do, this is going to be very difficult if everybody’s doing their own thing with their own set of technology. It’s also going to be difficult for you.”

The ongoing “digital transformation” is helping CMOs and CIOs bridge their communications gap, Young added. But this transformation requires more than just a focus on technology, Young said: “Digital transformation, do not let your marketers that you work with narrow this down simply to the ability to deliver tailored offers. It’s much more than that. It’s people, it’s processes and technology, all three.”

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