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Aligning IT and the Business: Martin Buis, Chief Technology Officer, The Carlyle Group

Martin Buis, Chief Technology Officer at The Carlyle Group, explained the importance of information technology for businesses during his presentation at the 2013 Chief Information Officer Leadership Forum in New York on Nov. 12. During his presentation, “Aligning IT and the Business,” Buis stated that IT is a critical part of the business world, especially for organizations that rely on it to complete their everyday operations.

Buis noted that IT helps businesses execute change quickly and efficiently. However, Buis said that the key for businesses is to develop a sustainable model to use and manage IT. Aligning performance management to IT, Buis said, should be a major goal for every business. If IT executives can collaborate with different departments within a business, Buis added, an organization can expand its operations: “We want to get beyond alignment. When we know that we’re really aligned with the business, when we know that we’re really a partner of them, they’re going to be open to risks and uncertainty.”

According to Buis, capability models are great for driving performance metrics as well. If a business focuses on establishing and meeting specific goals, it could boost its profits for years to come: “When you start building up your organization’s ability to do anything then it’s good to just think about coverage. Once you have an idea of coverage then it’s good to think about repeatable processes. Then you can think about optimizing processes. It’s a very general and broad definition of what metrics are.”

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