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B2B Marketing Shouldn’t Mean Boring-to-Boring: Joe Staples, Chief Marketing Officer, AtTask

AtTask Chief Marketing Officer Joe Staples discussed the differences between the boring and brilliance definitions of B2B marketing during his presentation at the 2014 Chief Marketing Officer Leadership Forum: Spotlight on B2B Marketing in Atlanta on Oct. 30. In his presentation, “B2B Marketing Shouldn’t Mean Boring-to-Boring,” Staples pointed out that today’s marketers often are asked to do more with less, but understanding the importance of time management and visibility is key for marketers to thrive in today’s global marketplace.

According to Staples, recognizing the importance of time management can help an organization determine the timeline for projects and stick to a schedule. In addition, Staples noted having visibility into projects ensures each member of a marketing department can stay up to date and provide support as a project progresses. Staples pointed out that today’s organizations need work management solutions designed specifically for marketers as well: “Marketing was different than traditional project management or work management. There were some distinct nuances for marketers that really didn’t apply, things like the fact that [as] we move big files around as we seek for approval, there are multiple steps in approval processes that marketers need to track.”

Understanding the approvals processes also is important for all members of a marketing department, according to Staples. If marketers can differentiate between “real” work and “fake” work, Staples said, they can become more productive and efficient: “The times when we really fall into this concept of doing boring work is when we get bogged down in all of that fake work, when we’re not doing the things that we were hired to do, when creatives aren’t allowed to take all of that creativity and really focus on delivering product.”

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