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Bring on Tomorrow: Ted Turner, Vice President of Customer Solutions, AIG

Ted Turner, Vice President of Customer Solutions at AIG, explained the importance of the customer journey for organizations during his presentation at the 2013 Customer Care Leadership Forum in Atlanta on Nov. 20. In his presentation, “Bring on Tomorrow,” Turner stated that AIG constantly faces customer service challenges, including the challenge of providing consistent support to clients across the globe. To overcome these problems, Turner said, AIG evaluates the customer journey to learn about its clients.

According to Turner, evaluating the customer journey has helped his company deliver effective messages to clients through multiple channels. In addition, Turner noted that communication and training plans have played important roles in his organization’s success: “We also developed a huge communication campaign. We started creating articles and putting them on our Intranet site. We actually developed local implementation plans…We created communications around every aspect of those plans.”

Turner acknowledged that technology is critical for his organization’s success, especially when dealing with customers. Technology allows AIG to collect customer data, Turner said, which his company can use to improve its customer service strategies. Turner recognized that data is becoming increasingly valuable for businesses around the world, and as new technologies become available, more companies could collect data to improve their customer service strategies: “You need good data in order to have the insights to know what your customer is telling you. I have data…In fact, most of you are probably swimming in data on a day-to-day basis. I will tell you, I am drowning in data. Literally, drowning.”

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