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CIOs Weigh in on Cloud and Hyperconvergence

Argyle Executive Forum and Nutanix surveyed more than 120 leading CIOs for their take on public cloud and hyperconvergence, i.e., hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), as the two technologies have emerged as next-generation IT solutions. Survey respondents were asked what their primary reasons were for moving to a public cloud and/or HCI system, why they may be reluctant to make the switch, what advantages new tech brings to IT, and more.

CIOs, and IT departments in general, are always looking at the latest technological advancements that could make their jobs more efficient and more effective. Though, as new technologies emerge, such as the cloud and hyperconvergence, so do a myriad of questions. Which system offers a better user experience? Which is most simplistic? What are the risks and rewards? And, most notably, how much time and money is a full system migration going to cost the company?

By taking a proactive approach to answering such questions, Argyle Executive Forum and Nutanix sought industry-leading CIOs for their take on implementing a public cloud or HCI system. Some of their responses were not what was expected. Access the full survey below to see how pragmatic CIOs are thinking about the advantages brought by public cloud and HCI systems!

CIO Nutanix Hyperconvergence

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