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Competencies of the New CIO: Larry Bonfante, Chief Information Officer, United States Tennis Association

United States Tennis Association Chief Information Officer Larry Bonfante discussed the importance of being an engaging CIO during his presentation at the 2014 Chief Information Officer Leadership Forum in New York on Dec. 10. In his presentation, “Competencies of the New CIO,” Bonfante pointed out that today’s CIO is no longer just a provider of technology services. Instead, Bonfante said, today’s CIO must find ways to effectively engage with internal constituents and consumers.

According to Bonfante, transparency is key for CIOs worldwide. Bonfante noted that today’s CIO must consider his or her actions and the short- and long-term effects of these actions. Failing to do so, Bonfante said, could have adverse effects on both a CIO and his or her employer: “What we have to do is we have to help people understand what we’re doing and the vision we’re trying to drive is connected to what they care about, to what matters to them most in the organization, and more importantly, what matters to them on a personal level, to what matters, to what makes them tick.”

In addition, Bonfante pointed out that today’s organizations expect CIOs to leverage technology information to drive business value in different outcomes. He also noted that an engaged CIO who is actively involved in a business’ day-to-day operations can help his or her employer achieve its goals: “It’s about being engaged in the business at such an intimate level that we understand what’s going on, we have the relationships with the people in the business, we’re helping to drive their agenda. So it’s not about alignment; it’s about integration into the business.”

Competencies of the New CIO from Argyle Executive Forum

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