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Datapipe Global Cloud Executive Examines Cloud Consolidation

Joshua Pemrick, Global Cloud Executive at Datapipe, explored cloud consolidation in a presentation to Argyle’s CIO membership at the 2015 Chief Information Officer Leadership Forum: Spotlight on Financial Services in New York on Sept. 16. In his presentation, Pemrick examined the “IT modernization journey to the cloud.”

Pemrick noted businesses want flexible cloud solutions. But in most cases, these companies don’t want to call any solution a “cloud” solution, Pemrick said. Instead, businesses want to transform how they operate using a flexible infrastructure to enable their applications across the global, Pemrick noted. And as such, Pemrick said there is a need to bridge the gap between software development and infrastructure departments: “We’re seeing this collision with software development teams and infrastructure. The software, we’re looking at how can we accelerate the promotion of production code into these types of environments and what are the operational plans to do that and how do our teams get closer to each other?”

The ongoing modernization of software development and infrastructure is changing the way businesses operate, Pemrick said. Software development and infrastructure control remains a priority because it ensures organizations can comply with regulations, Pemrick noted. Also, Pemrick said organizations want software development and infrastructure providers that deliver confidence and security: “We’re working with our organizations to provide that type of continual compliance and to be able to dictate that back to the businesses. Yes, we are secure; we have these certifications and we are going to re-verify that in the next three, six, twelve months and that’s going to be continually part of their service. That was very important to them because they were buying and selling different companies at the time and each company had a unique platform, or a way of doing business. They needed that type of blanket around what we could offer.”


As a Global Cloud Executive at Datapipe, Joshua Pemrick advises enterprise clients on best practices for implementing cloud solutions.  Joshua joined Datapipe more than five years ago after almost a decade of global managed services experience, where he was a partner to grow revenue for financial, manufacturing, and healthcare clients. He provides a wide perspective on what it takes to design, build and run technology solutions that are compliant and successful.

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