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Delivering Customer Experience: Ashish Bisaria, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience, Manheim

Ashish Bisaria, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience at Manheim, described the customer experience from an operations perspective during his presentation at the 2014 Chief Marketing Officer Leadership Forum: Spotlight on B2B Marketing in Atlanta on Oct. 30. During his presentation, “Delivering Customer Experience,” Bisaria noted many marketers rely on promoters and customer surveys to bolster their customer satisfaction levels, but these tools do not necessarily provide long-lasting support.

According to Bisaria, there is a distinct difference between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Bisaria pointed out that customer satisfaction requires an organization to deliver what it’s customers want, while customer loyalty requires customers to show their support for an organization, even if they are unaware that they are doing so. Combining customer surveys with data analytics, Bisaria said, can help an organization boost both its customer satisfaction and customer loyalty levels: “Good companies deliver satisfaction by doing what is promised, but then they delight the customer by doing the ordinary things in the potential motivators section. We look at our customer surveys in that light, where we do not trust what customers say; we try to marry it with data analytics.”

In addition, Bisaria pointed out that an organization can help create or destroy the customer experience in the moment based on the operational choices it makes. Understanding that the global marketplace is based on integrity and ethics, Bisaria said, can help an organization find loyal, satisfied customers consistently: “You want your customers to buy from you, you want your customers to use your services and product, you want them to stay with you and you want them to promote you. If you get all four, that’s the perfect loyal customer.”

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