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Delta Air Lines' Program Manager of SkyPro Mobility Explores the Customer Experience

Angela Gammill, Program Manager of SkyPro Mobility at Delta Air Lines, presented a thought leadership session with Argyle’s CMO membership at the 2015 Chief Marketing Officer Think Tank: Driving Customer Engagement in the Digital Era in Chicago on Dec. 1. In her presentation, “Enabling the Customer Experience,” Gammill discussed how customer data is readily available to marketers and how this information can be used to enhance the customer experience.

Gammill began her presentation by highlighting how Delta builds long-lasting partnerships between employees and clients. She acknowledged “it starts with our people,” and Delta relies on its workers to deliver outstanding customer experiences day after day. Gammill also noted Delta collects data around its operations. And by doing so, Gammill said, Delta is able to explore ways to improve the customer experience: “So when you look at just that travel journey, all those touch points are going to be dropping data. You know, little breadcrumbs of who you are and what your experience is along the way.”

In conclusion, Gammill pointed out Delta has “lots of very good information” at its disposal. However, she said it’s possible Delta has reached a point where it has too much data, which can be overwhelming at times. Delta remains on a data journey, Gammill noted, that could last several years. But she said the journey will end with Delta leveraging data to provide its customers with personalized experiences: “This is our next big advantage, personalizing experience using data. We’ve aligned on that internally. That’s our strategy. We’ve got operations down. The planes go on time. We do that. There’s not a whole lot more goodness that we can squeeze out of that.”

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