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Virtual Event Recap: 2013 Leadership in B2B Field Marketing

On Thursday over 100 B2B marketing professionals joined the 2013 Leadership in B2B Field Marketing Virtual Event. Argyle Executive Forum brought together members of their B2B field marketing membership for a discussion around both opportunities and points of pain for field marketing organizations.

Perspectives from this virtual event included Perry Hardt, Vice President, North America Field Marketing, Oracle; Gary McNeil, Vice President of Field Marketing, Sourcefire; John Neeson, Managing Director and Co-Founder, SiriusDecisions; and Michael Williams, VP, Global Field Marketing, McAfee, Inc. an Intel Company. As successful field marketers look to re-define their role and push for faster results to influence the business, some of the key topics discussed were around marketing as a strategic partner to the business, modern marketing, data analytics, and reskilling the Marketing Department.

Marketing as a strategic partner to the business: In many industries, technology has shifted the power of defining competitive advantage to the customer. The good news is this is giving the CMO more visibility as a change agent within the C Suite in driving innovation around the customer journey. With estimates of 60-70% of the sales cycle being completed before a conversation with sales, there has never been a more important time for Marketing to take a leadership role in defining and positioning our solutions across all channels; traditional and non-traditional. Transformation is not without peril as our speakers pointed to the need for cross company collaboration in securing executive level support (including budget) while building even stronger alignment with sales.

Modern Marketing:  According to our panel, the confluence of all these disruptive forces has promoted greater focus around:

  • More targeted profiling of customers while identifying their social behaviors
  • Greater personalization of the offer with a better understanding of the real need
  • Integrating social at each step of the customer journey while assigning contribution to the touch points that made the greatest impact on transitioning opportunities through the pipeline

Data Analytics: Going beyond the traditional efforts of cleansing outdated data to data analytics & predicting our targets buying behaviors. Firms with Account Based Marketing programs including Professional Services firms seem to be further ahead in some respects on data analytics.

Reskilling the Marketing Department:  A common theme across most Marketing organizations as we scramble to skill up around SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud). Balancing the need to bring in new skills sets which are scarce while retooling and not losing the organizational knowledge. While the new Science of Marketing is getting all the attention our panel leaders agreed on the need not to lose sight of the Art of Marketing which breeds creativity and innovation around engaging with our targets. 

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