Chief Information Security Officer

1 Day Meeting

2019 CISO Leadership Forum: Security 3.0 - Shifting to Automation

Los Angeles, CA - Nov 2019


Digital transformation and the ability to handle data at speed and scale is disrupting IT sectors across all organizations – and security is no exception. At the center of this transformation, leaders have been tasked with not only enabling transformation, but also developing advanced strategies and programs to protect their organizations from existing and emerging threats. Modern IT and security executives are guiding their executive team into the digital era by fostering innovation to stay a step ahead of the competition. 

The Argyle CISO Leadership Forum will dive into the insights, techniques, and technologies that organizations deploy to shield themselves against an ever-increasing array of threats, with an emphasis on advanced threat defense, endpoint protection, cloud security, security analytics and intelligence, data protection, and emerging trends in identity and access management. In collaboration with our Argyle Influencers CISO Advisory Board, we have designed an agenda that will touch on: 

  • Building relationships and trust by strengthening GDPR compliance
  • Managing and communicating today’s enterprise and organizational threats
  • Building a proactive culture with regards to information security risk assessments
  • Exploring new means to secure the mobile network
  • Shifting to automation for security
  • The next generation CISO – redefining what is possible for the enterprise
  • Attaining, training, and retaining talent through in-demand skillset development and mentoring opportunities

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This event will feature insights from top executives, including

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