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2019 CIO Dinner:
Integrating Application Security into Digital Transformation

Oct 17, 2019


Digital transformation continues to change today’s business model, and with this comes a range of new opportunities and challenges. The integration of application security is changing how the businesses operate. One of the areas it’s transforming is the collaboration and work from a single conversation. Instead of managing multiple threads across disparate tools it is improving communication internally. Protecting against these threats requires a proactive, integrated and automated approach. It also requires companies to adjust their strategies as the threat landscape continues to evolve. By using application security tools that integrate into your application development, can help make this process simpler and more effective. 

Argyle Executive Forum, in partnership with GitLab, will be bringing leading IT executives together to discuss the new challenges and solutions for transforming IT and application security to meet and exceed business expectations. During the dinner, we’ll be discussing key topics such as: 

  • Streamline application delivery, and foster continuous improvement on a day to day basis 
  • Discuss best practices to succeed in today’s digital landscape by using automation to unlock velocity 
  • Methods to avoid spending too much time complicating your application security 
  • The importance of monitoring key metrics to ensure business success
  • Innovative ways to drive culture change within your organization

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GitLab is the first single application for all stages of the DevOps lifecycle. Only GitLab enables Concurrent DevOps, unlocking organizations from the constraints of today’s Toolchain to make the software lifecycle 3x faster. Only GitLab provides unmatched visibility, concurrent collaboration and comprehensive governance to radically increase the time it takes to develop great software and, subsequently, improve the speed of business.  


For the first time, GitLab allows Product, Development, QA, Security, and Operations teams to all work concurrently in a single application, by default. This capability is transformative in nature. There’s no need to integrate and synchronize tools, or waste time waiting for hand-offs. Everyone contributes to a single conversation instead of managing multiple threads across disparate tools. And only GitLab gives everyone complete visibility into a single, trusted source of data to simplify troubleshooting and accountability across all stages of the lifecycle. All activity is governed by a consistent set of controls, making security and compliance first-class citizens instead of an afterthought.


Built on Open Source, GitLab leverages the community contributions of thousands of developers and millions of users to continuously deliver new DevOps innovations. Today, more than 100,000 organizations, including Ticketmaster, ING, NASDAQ, Alibaba, Sony, and Intel; and millions of users, trust GitLab to deliver great software at radical new speeds.  

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