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2019 CIO Virtual Event:
Integrating Application Security Into Your Development Environment

May 16, 2019, 1:00 pm - 2:15 pm EST


In today’s Digital Age, enterprises are continuously struggling to secure their applications. The continuous use of applications makes it inevitable to escape new threats emerging every day. With DevSecOps, more of the security responsibility shifts to developers. In turn, you need to give security requirements the same weight as functional requirements, but you can’t let security slow you down. Developers need to have a way to ensure their code is secure and preventive of vulnerabilities and risk. But how do we keep every piece of the application secure without delaying release? 

Join Argyle Executive Forum, in partnership with Veracode, in our 2019 CIO Virtual Event: Integrating Application Security Into Your Development Environment. During the event we’ll discuss the following topics: 

• Learn how to implement the right tools for the right cycles and timing within your DevSecOps journey 
• Why embedding application security into every part of the build is crucial 
• How to keep consistent security of the app from planning to monitoring in production 
• Discuss why relationships and shared accountability is key to securing applications 
• Why having teams and technology working seamlessly together will increase application production

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Gopal Bhat

Gopal Bhat


Rakuten Rewards

Rickey Brown

Rickey Brown

Corporate VP, Enterprise Development

USI Holdings

Chris LaVesser

Chris LaVesser

Global Information Security Risk Manager


Rizwan Patel

Rizwan Patel

Senior Director, Innovation & Emerging Technology

Caesars Entertainment Corporation

Pejman Pourmosa

Pejman Pourmosa

VP, Services



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Veracode’s cloud-based service is a simpler and more scalable approach to reduce application-layer risk across your entire global software infrastructure -- including web, mobile and third-party applications -- without hiring more consultants or installing more servers and tools. With Veracode's smart approach to application security, you can drive your innovations to market faster -- without sacrificing security in the process. 

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