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2019 CIO Virtual Event:
Stepping Up as a Transformational CIO

Jan 23, 2019, 1:00 pm - 2:15 pm EST


2019 CIO Virtual Event: Stepping Up as a Transformational CIO

The role of the CIO has rapidly evolved across industries within the past 20 years. However, as the importance of technology in organizations continues to experience exponential growth, has the value of the CIO run stagnate? With the role of the Digital Officer on the rise and tactics such as shadow IT coming into play, there seems to be a drop in certainties that previously gave value to the role of leading IT executives. That being said, what some might see as the end of an “old school title” actually presents a new opportunity for success within the IT function. CIOs are flipping the script and becoming transformational leaders as they continuously navigate the ever changing landscape of innovation and embrace the shift in focus from IT to business technology.

Join Argyle, in partnership with Workday, in our 2019 CIO Virtual Event: Stepping Up as a Transformational CIO. During the webinar we’ll discuss:

  • What it means to be a Transformational CIO through innovation and strategy 
  • Exploring digital strategies for customer, partner, and employee journeys 
  • The evolution of the Chief Digital Officer and their role in digital transformation 
  • Embracing shadow IT and leading an active role in IT governance and support

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Steve Bates

Steve Bates

Principal, Advisory, CIO Advisory


Luc LaFontan

Luc LaFontan


Flight Centre Travel Group

David Lewis

David Lewis

Vice President and Chief Information Officer

University of Rochester

George Marootian

George Marootian

EVP, Head of Technology

Natixis Global Asset Management

Job Simon

Job Simon

CTO, Business Technology



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1:00pm - 1:05pm
Argyle Opening Remarks
1:05pm - 1:25pm
Thought Leadership Spotlight
1:25pm - 2:00pm
Panel Discussion: "Stepping Up as a Transformational CIO"

Session topics include:

  • What do you think it means to be a Transformational CIO?
    • How are innovation and strategy evolving your role to be more transformational? 
  • How are you ensuring your implementation of new technology and IT strategies align with your organization’s roadmap for overall business growth?
  • How have you embraced shadow IT and incorporated it into your strategies for success?
    • Is shadow IT playing an active role in IT governance and support?
  • How are you exploring new digital strategies for customer, partner, and employee journeys?
    • What does your roadmap look like for implementation?
    • What are your starting points for new strategies?
  • Has the role of Chief Digital Officer come into play within your organization?
    • If so, why was the role created, how has it developed, and what is their role in digital transformation?
  • How do you see the role of the “transformational CIO” and the addition of the Chief Digital Officer progressing into 2019?
    • How do you see it progressing in 5-10 years?
2:00pm - 2:10pm
Audience Q&A
2:10pm - 2:15pm
Argyle Closing Remarks


This event will feature insights from top executives, including

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