Chief Information Security Officer


2019 CISO Lunch:
Cybercriminals Have an Ally - You

New York, NY - Nov 13, 2019


Phishing is big business. Threat actors easily craft attacks that impersonate executives, evade the bestsecurity defenses, downloading exploits that infect systems, harvesting credentials from unsuspectingvictims and causing billions of dollars of damage every year.But fundamental to the attacker's success is a core principle: let's target the Human and take advantage oftheir inherent trust and desire to contribute to their organization’s success, their team’s success andultimately their own success.By focusing on the Human, phishing attacks are easily bypassing existing defenses. And based on what isongoing, it is clear that we are failing this war. To win this war, we need an ally that is better and morepowerful than the ally the Cybercriminals have.We need better Machines.
Join this interactive session for a discussion on:

  • How attackers construct campaigns that can easily bypass existing automated and human defenses?
  • How attacks are increasingly being masked as legitimate business communications?
  • What is the balance of Human vs Machine defense against Human-focused Attacks?
  • Who should be primary in this exceedingly sophisticated battle?
  • Are there learnings that we as Cybersecurity professionals, should be taking from other industries facing similar dichotomies (eg: Aircraft Systems, Autonomous Vehicles, Medical Imaging Systems etc.)?
  • What best practices can we bring to bear against this seemingly intractable problem?

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Shalabh Mohan

Shalabh Mohan

Vice President, Products

Area 1 Security


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1:30pm - 1:45pm
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1:45pm - 1:50pm
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