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2019 Customer Experience Leadership Deep Dive:
Artificial intelligence and the new CX

Sep 01, 2019


As the customer experience landscape continues to evolve, keeping up with changing technology and understanding the impact that it will have on your brand becomes even more critical. Artificial Intelligence is at the forefront of these changes, and its successful incorporation with current company CX strategies will prove necessary for long-term competitive differentiation. The implementation of A.I. and other emerging technologies can provide a new and unique way of connecting with customers and ensuring that you are able to create brand advocates. 

The Argyle Customer Experience Deep Dive will dig into best practices for improving customer experience and help leaders gain understanding into which A.I. tools, processes, and data can create a frictionless customer journey. Whether you are just starting your A.I. journey or are already an innovator in the space, you will learn from your peers about the future of emerging technologies and walk away with actionable steps for your evolving CX growth strategy.. 

In collaboration with our Argyle Influencers Customer Experience Advisory Board, we have designed an agenda that will touch on:

  • Optimizing and understanding the effectiveness of A.I.
  • The broader trend of A.I. and emerging technologies – what is its impact on experience and engagement for your brand?
  • Implementing A.I. and aligning stakeholders – the people, process, technology, and strategy
  • Keeping pace with customer demands – exploring chat bots and the changing role of call centers

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