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2019 CX Virtual Event: Is 2019 the Year of the Human?

- May 22, 2019, 1:00 pm - 2:15 pm EST


Automated customer support has a bad reputation and perhaps it’s well-deserved. We’ve all cringed at the sound of the automated voice on the other end of the line asking us for the same account number we just entered. As the next wave of chatbots re-emerge in the customer service arena with promises to make life better for everyone, we’re seeing a backlash against artificial intelligence (AI). From Super Bowl ads to break-room conversations, people are expressing their concerns about an AI takeover. That fear is based on the misconception that bots can do all the same things human agents can. 

Join Argyle Executive Forum, in partnership with LogMeIn, for an in-depth look at the difference between intelligence and cognition, and what this means for the future of human customer support. We’ll explore: 

  • Human cognition vs. intelligence and the limits of AI 
  • The fear that bots will drive human customer service agents into extinction 
  • How to automate processes without automating relationships 
  • Shifting, not disappearing, jobs for humans

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Frank Borovsky

Frank Borovsky

Vice President, Customer Experience and IT

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Darren Holland

Darren Holland

Sr. Director of Operations

Cox Communications

Swati Mehta

Swati Mehta

Director of Quality & Performance, Patient Experience


Anne Mercogliano

Anne Mercogliano

VP of Customer Experience and Growth

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Coty Smith

Coty Smith

Product Manager

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This event will feature insights from top executives, including

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