Chief Financial Officer

1 Day Meeting

2019 Finance Leadership Forum: the Evolving Role of the CFO

Dallas, TX - Oct 16, 2019


Today’s finance executive has responsibilities that reach far beyond traditional accounting and reporting functions. Increasingly, CFOs find themselves responsible for digital transformation and technology upgrades, growth strategies, and human capital management, often with little to no training.

Argyle’s CFO Leadership Forum provides the relationships, resources, and solutions to help finance leaders digitally transform their organizations and growth strategies. Topics will touch on the CFO as a change agent through digital transformation, how to use blockchain, and steps to automate the organization.

In collaboration with our Argyle Influencers CFO Advisory Board, the agenda will explore:

  • Navigating digital transformation through careful change management with your leadership team
  • Achieving greater visibility through AI and automation technologies
  • Integrating human capital to support business goals in a digital paradigm
  • Obtaining actionable insights from diverse data sources
  • Embracing new technologies that expand the scope and reach of finance

Additionally, attendees of our Finance Channel Live Events Can Earn CPE Credits!

Participants of our live Finance Channel events have the opportunity to earn continuing professional education (CPE) credits. CPE certificates will be awarded on a per request basis and according to NASBA standards.

Field of Study: Finance

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Prerequisite: None

Advanced Prep: None Needed

Delivery method: Group Live

Number of credits:  6        

Refunds: Since there is no charge to attend this event, there are no refunds following registration

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Dave Rader

Dave Rader

Former EVP & CFO, Chairman of the Board


Wadie Habiby

Wadie Habiby

Head of Southwest Corporate Banking


Yolanda Lee

Yolanda Lee

VP, Regional Controller



This event will feature insights from top executives, including

Download Agenda
8:00am - 9:00am
9:00am - 9:05am
Argyle Opening Remarks
9:05am - 9:40 am
Keynote Presentation: Beyond the Numbers: CFO as the Agent of Change

Topics to include, but aren't limited to"

  • Best practices on how finance leaders can foster C-Suite collaboration in the new age of finance
  • The importance of finance leaders to lead from the front and drive transformation
  • Growing importance & power of finance in the boardroom and strategic decision making
9:40am - 10:10am
Table Talks

Our host will present highlights and key findings from our pre-event insights survey to share with you the challenges, pain points and decision-making behaviors shared among your peers. We will then break into roundtables to discuss these findings further.

10:10am - 10:30am
Microsoft Thought Leadership Presentation
10:30am - 10:55am
Networking Break
10:55am - 11:40am
Panel Discussion: Empower, Embrace and Evolve: Next-Gen Recruitment, Retention & Transformation of Finance

Join us as we declutter the chatter and share proven best practices when it comes to motivating and empowering your finance organization:

Empower your finance executives to adapt to changing technologies and drive transformation.

Embrace the challenges and opportunities that come with intelligent automation and data-driven finance, and how nurturing next-gen talent now can better position your organization for the future.

Evolve and adapt to stay on top of the competition and be a future-ready finance organization.

Topics include, but aren’t limited to:

• Proven practices for promoting diversity and inclusion, developing next-gen talent, and establishing partnerships to nurture talent pipelines

• Evaluating what skills & traits finance leaders should seek when identifying and cultivating the modern finance talent pipeline.

• Challenges & trends finance leaders face today in identifying, securing and retaining talent

• Finance transformation playbook to keep your team engaged and invested with organizational goals

11:40am - 12:00pm
Thought Leadership Spotlight Presentation
12:00pm - 12:20pm
Networking Break
12:20pm - 1:00pm
Panel Discussion: CFO Reimagined: Profiling the Future CFO

The modern CFO is tasked with being more strategic and possess high emotional intelligence to lead transformation across the finance organization. Join us to discuss how an evolving technology landscape and competitive talent market is changing the role of the CFO.  

For aspiring CFO’s, hear what skill sets and traits are needed for 2020 and beyond. Hear what senior finance executives are doing to close the development gap to ensure a smooth transition into succession management. 

Topics include, but aren’t limited to:

• EQ and IQ traits of the Future CFO

• Traits of a successful financial leader in the new age: Strategic and technical skills

• Harnessing the power of data to drive impactful change 

• CFO as catalyst and strategist for change

1:00pm - 2:00pm
2:00pm - 2:45pm
Roundtable Discussion: What is on the Mind of the CFO?

Topics include, but aren’t limited to:

• Intelligent Automation 

• Cybersecurity

• Talent Management & Succession Planning 

• Economy, Trade and Changing Regulations

• Strategic Finance Data & Analytics 

2:45pm - 3:05pm
Thought Leadership Spotlight Presentation
3:05pm - 3:40pm
Fireside Chat: CFO Knowledge Exchange: Vision, Planning and Resourcing for a Future-Ready Finance Organization
Hear the perspectives from two different CFO’s on the learnings, challenges and best practices obtained in their finance transformation journey. Two unique perspectives from a legacy organization and a start-up. 
Topics to include, but aren't limited to:
  • How can the finance function ensure its organization is on the forefront of its competition in a climate of real-time data?
  • Evolving traditional forecasting models & embracing emerging technologies
  • Finance resource and talent constraints - legacy vs. start-up
3:40pm - 4:15pm
Keynote Presentation: Power of Purpose: Value-Driven Finance & Culture Change Enablement

The modern CFO is tasked with taking a human-centered approach to lead and inspire in an evolving technological landscape and competitive talent market. Obtain actionable insights and takeaways that can be applied to innovate and transform your finance organization.  Starting from within and branching out - hear how senior finance leaders build value and purpose into their finance organization. 

Topics to include, but aren't limited to:

• The Art of Storytelling for the Modern CFO

• Applying the Fundamentals of Design Thinking in Finance

• Promoting Continuous Improvement and championing professional development 

4:15pm - 4:20pm
Argyle Closing Remarks
4:20pm - 5:20pm
Closing Reception


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