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2019 HR Virtual Event:
Closing the Skills Gap in the Future Workplace

- Dec 03, 2019, 1:00 pm - 2:15 pm EST


Right now, the skills gap in the US is growing at a rapid pace, and companies are unable to keep up. The race between education and technology has a great effect on businesses, and over 600,000 skilled jobs are going unfilled. So how do we combat this? The answer is easier said than done.

The best thing for businesses to do is take a proactive approach, focusing on what future employees would embody and demand. This method doesn’t follow the convectional cultivation of technological skills, but rather cognitive and creative capabilities as well. The future of the workforce has requirements that present-day education and corporate learning structures are unequipped to address, which is why organizations have to evolve in order to attract talent with the necessary competencies.

Join Argyle Executive Forum, in partnership with Workday, in our 2019 HR Virtual Event: Closing the Skills Gap in the Future Workplace. During the webinar, we’ll discuss:
- Experiential learning methods and its benefits
- Shifting the focus to the individual rather than institution
- Empowering employees for continuous learning

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Curtis Brooks

Curtis Brooks

Vice President, Corporate Content Curation and Strategy

US Bank

Chris Ernst

Chris Ernst

Vice-President of Leadership + Organizational Effectiveness


Jeni Fitzpatrick

Jeni Fitzpatrick

Managing Director, Talent & Organization Practice


Emily Landgraf

Emily Landgraf

Head of Employee Digital Health

Johnson & Johnson

Becky Nutt

Becky Nutt

Director, Education



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