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2019 HR Virtual Event: How to Survive - and Thrive - In a Tight Labor Market

- Sep 18, 2019, 1:00 pm - 2:15 pm EST


The world of human resources continues to rapidly change and almost every week there’s another article in the news about how tight the labor market is. With so many opportunities for job seekers, recruiting and hiring pose new challenges for employers. In today’s market, demand for labor is high and supply is low, which means employers must be aware of rising trends in order to better understand the current climate and attract top talent.

Join Argyle Executive Forum, in partnership with Indeed, in our 2019 HR Virtual Event: How to Survive – and Thrive – In a Tight Labor Market. During the event we’ll discuss the following topics:

  • The importance of adapting to rising wages in the market
  • How you can broaden your search and attract a diverse range of job seekers
  • Tips to re-engage workers and offer more flexibility in the workplace
  • Discuss strategies for recruiting in a tight labor market

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Coleen Collins

Coleen Collins

Global SVP & Chief Human Resources Officer

WireCo WorldGroup

Bonnie Curtis

Bonnie Curtis

Chief Human Resources Officer

Castellini Group of Companies

Aaron Rolka

Aaron Rolka

Recruitment Evangelist


Shaun Smith

Shaun Smith

Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer

New York Presbyterian Hospital

Tom Tesoro

Tom Tesoro


Standard Motor Products


This event will feature insights from top executives, including

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1:00pm - 1:05pm
Argyle Opening Remarks
1:05pm - 1:25pm
Thought Leadership Spotlight
1:25pm -2:00pm
Panel Discussion
  • What are the current major HR trends in regards to recruitment that employers should be mindful of? What are the most critical factors to adapt to in a tight labor market?
  • What strategies can be taken by organizations to broaden their search in order to attract a diverse range of job seekers?
  • In what ways can employers overlook potential biases when broadening their talent pool?
  • In your opinion, what are some of the most important benefits organizations can leverage in order to compete for top talent?
  • How has the emergence of millennials and gen Z into the work force affected the tight labor market?
  • How can organizations re-engage workers to offer more flexibility in the workplace? What are the misconceptions that hiring managers should overlook when recruiting top talent?
  • How does social media play a role in the recruitment process? Do you think screening an employee prior to hire is beneficial or discriminatory?
  • How has the hiring process evolved as the labor market tightens?
2:00pm - 2:10pm
Audience Q&A
2:10pm - 2:15pm
Argyle Closing Remarks


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This event will feature insights from top executives, including

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