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2019 HR Virtual Event:
The Science of Talent Attraction: Understanding What Makes People Click

Aug 13, 2019, 1:00 pm - 2:15 pm EST


Times have changed and recruitment is no longer about aggressively reaching out to passive candidates. It has become more about adopting a strategy based on the understanding of how candidates are making decisions. There are various steps candidates factor before choosing their final employers, mostly they consider change, company, and opportunity. Our job as HR executives is to learn more about the candidates by learning more about recruiting tactics, discovering how to find the right talent and discussing the new methods people are using to look for jobs today. These specific factors help determine the talent that your organization is looking for. 

Join Argyle Executive Forum, in partnership with Indeed, in our 2019 HR Virtual Event: The Science of Talent Attraction: Understanding What Makes People Click.

During the event we’ll discuss the following topics: 

  • Learn more about what influences people to search for jobs and the career decision making process
  • Identify the methods active and qualified candidates use to find jobs
  • The impact as to why recruiting active candidates leads to better hires
  • Discuss ways to improve your organization’s talent attraction strategy

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Carrie David

Carrie David

Chief Human Resources Officer

Interstate Hotels & Resorts

Liz Osterhus Fleuette

Liz Osterhus Fleuette

Chief People Officer


Aaron Schwartz

Aaron Schwartz

Senior Manager, Employer Insights


Rodney Whitmore

Rodney Whitmore

Chief Human Resources Officer

George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates


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1:00pm - 1:05pm
Argyle Opening Remarks
1:05pm - 1:25pm
Thought Leadership Spotlight
1:25pm - 2:00pm
Panel Discussion

Session topics include (but are not limited to):

  • What do you think influences people to search for jobs and how does this process effect career decision making?
  • Can you identify some methods active and qualified candidates can use to find jobs?
  • Does recruiting active candidates impact the quality of hires? Do you find it’s better or worse?
  • What are some methods you use for discovering and recruiting new talent?
  • What recruiting tactics have you used to find the right talent?
  • Do you have a successful talent attraction strategy implemented in your organization?
  • If not, how can you improve it within your organization?
2:00pm - 2:10pm
Audience Q&A
2:10pm - 2:15pm
Argyle Closing Remarks


This event will feature insights from top executives, including

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More people find jobs on Indeed than anywhere else. Indeed is the #1 job site in the world and allows job seekers to search millions of jobs on the web or mobile in over 60 countries. More than 250 million people each month search for jobs, post resumes, and research companies on Indeed. For more information, visit

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