Chief Marketing Officer


2019 Marketing Dinner:
Leading Change and Collaboration

Sep 17, 2019


Today’s marketer plays a big role in bringing change across the organization, working with numerous teams to amplify the voice of the customer while building brand influence. As the role of the marketer transforms and grows, the organization transforms as well. Tight collaboration across departments is more important than ever while project visibility generates opportunities to improve production and profit margins. With changes to organizational structures being influenced by technology, new skill sets, and more, is your organization ready to collaborate seamlessly? 

Argyle Executive Forum, in partnership with industry leader Wrike, is bringing together senior marketing executives to discuss leading change and collaboration. Join your leadership peers over dinner and drinks to discuss: 

  • Running seamless cross departmental initiatives and campaigns 
  • Collaborating at new levels with sales and other departments 
  • Increasing employee retention, production and profit margins 
  • Creating project management success using cutting edge technology

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Wrike's mission is to help organizations thrive in the digital age by transforming the way theyplan, manage and complete work. Its SaaS-based, work management platform featuresengaging collaboration, workflow and project management tools built into an intuitive onlineworkspace. Every day, millions of users at over 15,000 companies use Wrike to drive toplineprocesses across their organizations. In 2017, Wrike was named to the Deloitte Fast 500 list ofthe fastest growing companies in North America for the third consecutive year.

Wrike enables organizations to achieve Operational Excellence, the state in which workprocesses are scaled to meet the near real-time service expectations of the on-demand market.This entails completing projects of increasing number and complexity while maintaining thehighest standards for quality.

Wrike was founded in 2006 by Andrew Filev. As a young entrepreneur, Andrew quickly graspedthe challenges organizations faced in scaling a successful operation. Frustrated with thelimitations of working through email and spreadsheets, he began to build his own collaborativetools that immediately improved his team’s communication and business productivity.Filev started Wrike to focus solely on building this new class of business software. Over the lastdecade, he has built Wrike from a small startup to a leading provider of project management,work management and collaboration solutions, initially bootstrapping the company beforeguiding it to more than $25M in funding.

Today Andrew serves as Chief Executive Officer and remains the primary visionary behind theproduct and company. In product development, he values innovation velocity with acustomer-first approach. As a CEO he strives to create a positive culture and great workplacefor the entire Wrike team.

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