Chief Marketing Officer

1 Day Meeting

2019 Marketing Leadership Forum: The New CMO, Where Performance and Brand Intersect

New York, NY - Oct 2019


The growing sources of technology and data that predict customer tastes has increased expectations and, now, organizations are doubling down on their marketing programs. Today’s CMO is a change agent who is partnering across the organization to amplify the voice of customer and their brand influencers, while being savvy enough to cut through the clutter, build agile programs, and hone in on what will drive performance. 

The Argyle Marketing Leadership Forum will dig into the insights, techniques, and technologies to help marketers grow their brands and optimize performance, with an emphasis on agile marketing, content and experience, social and relationships, mar-tech innovations, data strategy, and leadership. In collaboration with our Argyle Influencers CMO Advisory Board, we have designed an agenda that will touch on:

• Identifying which mar-tech innovations to pursue
• Building agile teams
• Creating seamless brand experiences through multiple channels
• Leveraging data to create memorable and personalized interactions
• Feeding the content marketing machine
• Proving the value of marketing through data
• Demystifying the CMO’s role in managing disruption and leading innovation

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This event will feature insights from top executives, including

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This event will feature insights from top executives, including

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