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Why CIOs Need Real-Time APIs to Drive Competitive Digital Businesses

Jun 04, 2020, 1:00 pm - 2:15 pm EST


Now, more than ever, the world is relying on convenient digital experiences. So what’s the technology powering these experiences? APIs, specifically real-time APIs.

Join Argyle Executive Forum, in partnership with NGINX, now part of F5, as we discuss what CIOs need to know about real-time APIs. We’ll discuss how leading CIOs are relying on real-time APIs to compete in today’s business landscape. Through an informative Thought Leadership session and interactive discussion we’ll discuss the tangible benefits (increased customer satisfaction and revenue) of adopting an API-driven strategy.

We’ll explore several topics, including:

  • What real-time actually means
  • Why real-time information is critical to today’s digital experiences
  • The underlying API tools  and how to select them
  • Everyday use cases and examples
  • The drawbacks of not having real-time APIs, including the impact on the customer experience

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Rob Whiteley

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